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New Additional Brushes Available!



Download your brushes in one click HERE!

If you're not sure if you want to become a Citizen Member, You can download this complete brush pack for $5 Above as well!

We have added 24 new brushes to the complete brush set scaling at 78 brushes for you to download!

The last brush update was last summer and there has been some new ones requested that I have finally gotten around to creating, testing, and compiling for the latest download! In this updated pack you'll receive a few textured brushes that are great for the final polish pass or for setting up a scene quickly. The repeating brushes such as the bolts, fence, checker, or zipper brushes are great for creating a lot of quantity quickly so you can focus on the rest of your piece. And lastly the Female brushes have been requested heavily since the male brushes were released early last year, these are great for quick on the go referencing or for starting silhouette designs in concept art!

Also, if you have downloaded the brushes with us before, then you can download the new ones at no extra cost =]    Just click the link below and it should remember your previous purchase. 

Remember: If you are looking to download the basic brushes, you can do that for FREE HERE

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Can't DL the free basic brush pack without signing up and forking out $24.00... that's not free then is it?