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Human Reference: Hands and Fingers

By CGCookie
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Check out and Download the Hand and Finger Reference HERE

Artist: Tim Von Rueden (vonn)

This reference resource gives some tips and step by step visual guides on how to draw and shade the hand and fingers.

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Fantastic tutorial, thanks for these tips, they are very helpful!
stealthpanther's avatar
This is an excellent tutorial! Thank you so much
Sibernethy's avatar
This tutorial SAVED me! The way you color-coded things and numbered the order of drawing the parts of the hand was crucial. Thank you so much!
SilentNightStorm's avatar
This is so helpful! Thank you for existing
Labdellinger's avatar
Great illustration for figure and anatomy drawing. I will definitely share with my students.
Maestrodeptor's avatar
Wow, Thank you for the tips for some realistic hands because my realistic drawing sux so much
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"there is webbing in between each finger and is above the knuckle"
*looks at my own hand and doesn't see it* 
Now, I'm not doubting you that it's normal for people to have this, but I'm not seeing it on my own hands- at least not the way it's drawn (My hand has more in common with the one with the "x" on it than the check mark)
Is it one of those things that has been bred out of some humans? like the Arm tendon thing? (there's a dying trait in humans with a particular arm tendon that is apparently useless? I forget the test for it, but I know you can test to see if you're "evolved" by doing something with your fingers and touching your arm- all I know is I don't have it, and some people do)
I'm not dissing your reference- because it's pretty awesome- since hands is not my strong suit. My biggest problems is accurately drawing the spacing between the thumb and the rest of the fingers.
I was just legitimately curious- if you knew anything about it... or maybe I'm just weird? *keeps feeling and looking over hands*

Keep doing what you do! Great stuff~
CelticCastle's avatar
i dont have webbing either
maybe were aliens
Tsukasa-FanTc's avatar
glad I'm not alone here XD
FriendlyFiends81's avatar
I don't have webbing either... at least it gies us an excuse to not draw the webs when making self-portraits!
MangoYelps's avatar
Wow, thanks, this will help me a lot. I'm bad at drawing hands. I usually draw them a thumb and then the fingers in one little thing. If you know what I mean. :)
92CaptainWolf's avatar
Wow! This is actually a good description of how to draw hands. Very useful. I'm glad you make this. :D
Thatpaperhat's avatar
Wow thanks for the great description of how to go about drawing hands. I have occasionally would draw hands, but were a bit off or just not quite proportional. Thanks :)
bugsytrex's avatar
Oh! This is fantastic! I've been having so much trouble with hands lately! Thanks for this. <3
Sora-54's avatar
Very helpful thankies!!
phillcypher's avatar
i needed this so badly thank you
mavignau's avatar
I love your references!
Do you want me to traslate them into spanish and publish them on Devianart?
I would love to do that!

Verity96's avatar
I always find drawing hands difficult.
The more of these, the better.
TiruSakana's avatar
your templates are so helpful, thanks!
EyeoftheDracoArt's avatar
Love this! More hand tutorials are always a good idea! 
jkemeny's avatar
Thanks so much for the references!
juliozs98's avatar
sqace-face's avatar
b l e s s  t h i s
Monkey-Kiki's avatar
Awesome! Drawing hands is my the worst nightmare but with this tutorial that will be easier. Thank you so much!
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