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Facial Reference: The Nose


Check out and Download the Nose Reference HERE

Artist: Tim Von Rueden (vonn)

This facial reference resource gives some tips and step by step visual guides on how to draw and shade the nose.

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thank you I needed those tips for nose
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Thanks for the inspiration. Check me out!
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I'm trying to sketch a nose using this reference and I'm having a bit of a hard time since my drawing is not front forward.

Do you have anything about how the bridge of the nose is created on an angle?
Use the simple form reference from "Shading the bridge" to draw the "block" in any angle you wish and then just reference the rest of the anatomy. 
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Okay, thank you very much. ^^ I just needed to make sure before I stepped too far.
Remember that the key to angles in anything is simple form. If you can't make something out of a single cube or cylinder, pile them together!
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Thank you so very much. ^^ All of this is helpful! 
Happy to help anytime, feel free to hit me up :)
I'm a teacher.
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Very appreciated, thank you!
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Hmm, I'm here when I don't even know CGCookie. I guess you could say I'm...

Who nose, you might be sniffing something out here..
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Very  good work !:)
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How do you create the texture?
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thanks for the reference
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This helps a bunch! Thank you so much!
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Thank you for sharing this.
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This is some good reference...
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