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Facial Reference: The Lips

By CGCookie

Check out and Download the Lips Reference HERE

Artist: Tim Von Rueden (vonn)

This facial reference resource gives some tips and step by step visual guides on how to draw and shade the lips.

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Ah, finally found one for male lips, thanks so much!^^
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do male lips and female lips differ in ways , or does it really just depend on the facial structure or the lips themselves?
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With this I will draw Hillary Clinton kissing Trump.
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Very helpful tutorial
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wow Claphave a cookie for ur work -F2U- Cookie  OuO
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Really helpful Bunny Emoji-87 (Thanks) [V5] 
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Thank you!! always had trouble drawing lips Dx
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Thank you for sharing this. 
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thank you so so much for these helpful materials Love Love 
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I like drawing faces. Then this guide comes along giving me anxiety, like "you've been drawing lips wrong..."

Honestly, I love drawing lips the most. But it can be a pain when they're smiling or scowling, or even just still.

This, this guide will save me. Lips will soon pucker to give or** services. Thank you.
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what brushes to use?
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verey good joob Man
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That will be very usefull. I'm glad you did these tutorials I am a dummy! 
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Lovely tutorial!
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