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Exercise 50: Subsurface Scattering Step by Step


Check out and Download the Step by Step and Original Practice Sheet .PSD HERE.    

Artist: Tim Von Rueden (vonn)

Here's the Downloadable 49 Exercise Template and our tutorial on Subsurface Scattering below: 
  Exercise 50 Practice Sheet: Subsurface Scattering by CGCookie  Subsurface Scattering Tutorial by CGCookie 

I hope you guys had fun with this exercise and didn’t end up too bitter with the end results. I would consider this a harder exercise as it forces to address how lighting affects materials head on. Subsurface Scattering can be fun to paint and give your work a higher sense of realism and play with color, so use it whenever appropriate and often!

For the exercise let’s break down each step and see how to paint this lemon when lit in front and behind.

  1. Refined Outline – Start with a clean outline and I would use reference to capture the look of the pulp and the “skin” of the lemon
  2. Solid Base – This is an IMPORTANT step, as your foundation colors will affect the rest of the process!
  3. Build Up Values – I look at where the color and darker colors are on the lemon slice and capture that without detailing.
  4. Remove Outline and Refine – Here is where you can spend your time and really make this lemon shine! Each pulp has a soft lining to it and notice the “pores” within the outer skin of the lemon. These little details can create the further illusion of this lemon!
  5. Highlights and Final Polish –This step is also quite different between each example. The first lemon slice will have isolated high contrasted highlights whereas the second slice will have NONE as it’s being lit from behind. So instead of highlighting this one, you instead focus on the “glow” that is created from the Subsurface scattering affect!

When you finish the exercise, remember to submit the result to the “Submissions” tab on CGCookie, you can see other submissions alongside your own!

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Good to know this.This is very Nice and Also helpful for those who want or learn how to draw stuffs more realistic.
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how to make a lemon.jpg
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I swear, those lemons look real O.O
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Hello, I am new to CG in general and have been wondering if any of this can be achieved on real pixel images such as photograph. I would like to provide skin tones with more e realistic look by using subsurface scattering. Is it possible to work raster images?

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this is really useful, thank you very much! 
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Man I wish I could be that good with lighting :faint:
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Wow! Looks stunning, great tutorial ^^
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