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Exercise 41 Results: Color Shifting


Check out the Exercise and Download the Results .PSD Chart HERE

And to see the practice worksheet for this exercise on DA click HERE.  

Artist: Tim Von Rueden (vonn)

This exercise is best completed after watching the “Color Shifting Using HSB” tutorial included in the “Color Course“.

For this exercise, I wanted to create a step by step along with shots of the color picker so you can understand how these colors were chosen.  So when I choose my colors for “shifting” I generally follow the same pattern as shown in the full post.

  • I will “bend” my shadow colors toward cool colors, increase the saturation, and lower the brightness.
  • I will “bend” my light colors toward warm colors, decrease the saturation, and raise the brightness.

This is a quick way to choose colors without relying on black and white to create forms. It’s a good tip but one that you don’t have to use all the time. Instead, experiment with this to create new color palettes and combinations to create your own swatch palette from!

You can download the step by step chart .PSD below including the layers used for each object!

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you are a life savior
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Ok now I'm just hungry for that apple.
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i want to eat that apple
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Okay. If I'm jealous of you, then you're doing a good job. Keep up the good work.
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Had I known any better, I'd have said that the right-most drawings (paintings...?) were photoshopped pictures... :P
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instructions not clear
used toaster to draw and burned down home
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Thank you very very much !!, this is simply amazing
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Your're so kind for showing us your tutorials, i know thay will serve us :D
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You are an amazing artist and I just wanted you to know how grateful I am for the  tutorials , I am a little weak in certain areas and am a self taught artist but still learning but because of your help I can improve my skills cheers 😘
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your art is so good, I guess i'm attracted to you. 
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thanks for sharing!
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That apple looks so real :-O
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the dice though : D
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Wow, please tech me... you're awesome.
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Thanks for sharing this!!!!  Be super helpful since I'm trying to improve on my shading a lot and just learned recently about bounce lighting and all that good stuff. 
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All that good stuff is what makes it shiny and chrome =]
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Yup, yup.  Thanks again for this.  Will help a ton!!!!
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