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Exercise 37 Results: Master Studies Step by Step


The Full Master Study Exercise Results HERE.  

Top Artist: Tim Von Rueden (vonn)
Bottom Artist: Joe Chico

Here is the step by step chart that Joe and myself created and broke it down to have we went about treating the creation of each study. You can see how even though we treat the study differently we are both creating a similar end result. While creating your own, don’t focus on the details. Rather focus on the shapes, values, and colors used. Remember that you are suppose to learn from a study, so ask yourself while you’re creating one, “What am I learning from this?”. You should be able to take what you’ve learned and apply that to your own original works. Whether it be the colors used on the face, or the placement of different value ranges, feel confident knowing that you were able to take away what you’ve learned successfully and have grown as an artist!
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WOW! can i have your talent?
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What brush in your art did you use it?
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The chalk brush that comes with the free CG Cookie brush set. You can download them here:…
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wow dude... really awesome.
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these tutorials are really helpful
and fantastic :D
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wow love your tutorials
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I found this very helpful thanks! I am just getting into digital art so this makes much more sense to me now :D 
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Wow, some of these are really good!
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perfect  thanx
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Oh wow useful indeed.
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You must be a great oil-color artist.
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Very useful, thank you
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Thanks for this, always wanted to learn how to paint properly
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Owaaaaou this is amazing! Amazing =D
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