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Exercise 37 Practice Sheet: Master Studies


Check out the Exercise, References, and Download the Practice Sheet HERE

Exercise 37 (E37) – Master Studies

EXERCISE:  Analyzing and observing previous works of arts by masters of painting, to help build an understanding of values/compisition/color.

This exercise challenges your analyzing skills and being able to interpret what you see and how to re-create that. Now this exercise may seem a bit difficult because you are trying to recreate a mater artist’s painting. The challenge for this exercise is to look at  the extremely important fundamentals: Value, Composition, and Color. So we are going to break down two master art pieces and looking at how to analyze how they executed such brilliance and then apply that knowledge to our own digital paintings. So below are the 2 pieces each Tim and I will be analyzing, (you don’t need to do the exact paintings we am doing. In fact I encourage you to do research and find an artist whose work you enjoy, and figure out why you are so compelled and appealed to it.)

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Do you suggest colour picking from the piece to help, or should try and work out the colours ourselves? I know Tim was saying it wasn't cheating to pick colour and could even help during the stream last Wednesday!
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for your first piece try color picking and writting down what H/S/B you used, and pay attention to why the artist used it. And for your second one use what you learned from the first one and try using without the color picker! :D
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What does H/S/B stand for? 

Okay, that makes a lot of sense, thank you! This is a really interesting challenge. 
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I explain it in the Tip section of the concept cookie post :) It stands for Hue, Saturation and Brightness slider. Good luck and looking forward to seeing your work!