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Exercise 36 Results: Berries Step by Step Chart


The Full Berry Exercise Results HERE.  

Artist: Tim Von Rueden (vonn)

This chart is my example and step by step tutorial for those that are looking to try out this exercise for themselves. Remember for this exercise, your highlights and color placements are what are really going to sell the final results! I also used some of the CG Cookie basic brushes to produce the results. I think it good to see how to break it down in your head when you are creating your own. I like to separate the main stages into: outline, solid base, initial detail pass, remove the outlines/refining, highlights/bounce lighting, and finally shadows. Just like the Exercise 27: Candy Exercise it was fun working on a macro level of study and seeing all the nuances of color and where minor highlights were placed to indicate the different forms of the berries.

  1. Outline – Begin with the overall look and shape to each berry, remembering to take your time defining the shapes, even when it’s tedious (patient pays off!)
  2. Solid Base - Choose a solid base color from a reference and work more neutral or even closer to a darker value to build upon.
  3. Initial Detail Pass - Before laying down another color, focus on where you want your light source and stay consistent throughout! Also bear in mind whether the light will pass through the surface (such as the raspberry) and be absorbed or will it be mostly reflected. Also be mindful of secondary colors like the green transition in the strawberry.
  4. Remove Outlines and Add Gradients - This will give the gem a solid foundation from here to detail further! This stage can be extremely time consuming but worth it!
  5. Surface, Highlights, and Bounce Lighting – The placement of highlights will define the overall render quality of your berries. Be very mindful of the way the highlights are rounded out on each surface and where the form curves inward. The subtle surface textures will add a sense of realism as well.
  6. Shadows - Now let your object rest. Not only be mindful of the direction and placement of your shadows but look at how some shadows draw from the color of the berry itself, adding a subtle touch of color. I also like to soften the edge just a tad to make it feel more real and less tight and sharp on the edges.
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Hi there :) I took some time to follow your exercise and here is my result. Thanks for posting! Great practice :)

Berry study - digital painting
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thank you for sharing

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. . . I’m hungry now
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my only tip is to improve your art on the strawberry's leaves
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Are you sure you didn't just take the berries from your fridge and put them down, took a picture and then Photoshopped them in here?
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Realism is a thing u know
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I know. Jokes are a thing, too.
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oh sorry ^^ im dumb . I said that cuz some people have already told me this kind of shit. Sorry.
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That's fine, lol.
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This comment is hilarious. x'D
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Try it and see.
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I suck too much to.. >.>
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wow great tets thanks!
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Hey man, awesome tutorial! I finally got off my ass and gave it a try: 
Exercise 36 Results - Blueberry by ASCI-Red

I almost never do anything outside of lineart and your tutorial really helped me get started on breaking past that! Thank you so much!
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I think i am gonna eat my screen
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Thank you so much for this !!! TwT
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I WANT THAT STRAWBERRY...wait it is a drawing? This is so realistic I tought they were real!
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this pretty cool, i like how real these are. made my mouth water a bit. 🙂
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The last ones look like photos
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Any possible way i could eat those cause they look delisious and im hungry
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Were these done digitally or by marker?
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