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Exercise 31 Results: Creature Feature Step by Step


The Full Results Update and Brush Download HERE.  

You can download the blank Practice Worksheet HERE

Artist: Tim Von Rueden (vonn)

Not only are the workshop now available for registering, but we have an exercise results post that is now ready to check out! I included a step by step on how I went about treating each from the first outline to the final polish, hope they help out!

  1. Fur: Deer, Dog – For fur, I found that using the Concept Cookie hair brush was the best choice for getting that same level of quality that fur has.
  2. Scales: Aligator Claw, Talon, and Duck – BE PATIENT. These are time consuming to create that organic look, but take your time.
  3. Smooth: Frog, Crab – This is all about blending and keeping it smooth. The highlights also have to be placed carefully.
  4. Rough: The Hand and Elephant – The subtle irregularities and wrinkles are your focus here. Study how the skin folds on itself and how it absorbs lighting.
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When I try to use secondary colors on paws by using lighter colors, it comes out all "wet" looking, and then the next steps just make it look really odd. How do I fix this?
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These are extremely helpful thank you
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Thank you for this  =)
Sev-Lily-lover's avatar
How do you erase the outlines? That's the part I always mess up
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The "outline" layer is usually its own line art layer that is just hidden. That or sometimes Clean up with the background color on top of all the layers is done on layer.
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wow! cool! Heart 
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Fantastically helpful, thank you so much for crafting this!
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im gonna save this and use it when i need it thanks!
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This is impressive.
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o_o the crab ! And all...
Impressive !
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mad rendering skills here, awesome job!
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I need to try this
this looks amazing *-*
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When I remove the outline, I *always* get a messy drawing :( It's the hardest part, at least for me.
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Hello angelascanio! Hope this tutorial can help you out!…
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Thank you cgcookie! You're the MVP!! :D
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Instead of removing the outline entirely, try to do the drawing with the outline at a lower opacity. This way you can see what you're doing under the lines as well as in between them (:
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Thanks for the tip! :D
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