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Exercise 29: Back to Basics Step by Step


Check out the Exercise and Download the Practice Sheet HERE

Artist: Tim Von Rueden (vonn)

EXERCISE:  Taking a look at refining the basics of adding values doing simple exercises.

I have been requested many times for a simple exercise that focuses on the basics of adding values to create form and structure. Let’s break it down into the simplest of simple exercises. Below are four practices for you to zone in and focus on how to shade values. Use the light box directions as you do your own practice sheet.

Below is a step by step on how I created each of the value studies from the exercise practice sheet. I broke it down into each significant step on what was included or added:

  1. Outline - Begin with the overall shaping of the object you are going to shade.
  2. Solid Base - Try working with a darker base color to act as your foundation for you to work on top of. 
  3. Initial Detail Pass - Before laying down another color, focus on where you want your light source and stay consistent throughout! Really look at if the surface is curved or flat: That makes a HUGE difference.
  4. Remove Outlines and Refine - This will give the gem a solid foundation from here to detail further! Subtle gradients will add that extra touch of realism.
  5. Surface, Highlights, and Shadows – This is the hardest step. Really focus on the lighting on how it interacts with each object.
  6. Bounce Lighting and Cast Shadow - For the final polish pass work on the environment around your object so in this case bounce lighting would be received on the bottom side of the object as well as casting a shadow on the ground beside it based on where the lighting is coming from. 
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Finally- After YEARS- I've learned how to use textures in my art. Thanks for the tutorial!
Thing by Anubis-hound  
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and thats a good thing!
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Wow,this looks very awesome and is Also very helpful i think.
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thanks for sharing!
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Really helpful, thanks for sharing!!
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handy, useful and thank you for this!
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beautiful thank you!
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This is so helpful, thank you.
Is there a PDF somewhere with all exercises?
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One of the biggest issues I've had with my comics involved the lighting and contrast. These details will help a ton, thanks!
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think it is difficult to draw. but if follow the steps - much easier. thank you very much for the tutorial!
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MarieDRose BuildingTemple Wrennars CaptASweetheart Mystic-Snail  Hey  thought you might also find this interesting/helpful :)
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I've been looking for soemthing like that :O thankyou very much
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Excellent ideas! ...thank you for being here! :)
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Great work! Will come in handy! :D
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thanks I could really use this as a warm up in my work :D
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Shading or lighting? :D
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