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Drawing the Nose Video Tutorial


Check the full tutorial and intro on the site HERE.

Hello and welcome to this tutorial on how to draw the nose!

In this Citizen tutorial Tim Von Rueden takes you through drawing the nose in a front, side, and 3/4 view. The tutorial follows the handout given in Exercise 24 and will go through the process of sketching, shading, and coloring the nose.

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thank you very much buddy ^_^

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Helpful video tutorial. I have already downloaded it with total video downloader for mac so that I can learn how to paint the nose without network...Hope you can allow me to keep this.
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you should make some color scale charts
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great work, it was so helpful, thanks.
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I suck so bad at drawing noses ;_; thanks for this!
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I love it!
very helpful
Haruhi Suzumiya Emote - Thumbs Up 
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holy sh** dude thanks, also... you should pass this around tumblr, you know why...
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haha I think I nose why ;)
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Very nice shading and comparisons.
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If I sing up on your site, I'll get access to videos on how to do the shading/coloring aspect of this? :?  Because that's my major problem right now is getting a painterly style going, and I would like to watch a simple real-time tutorial on how to approach it, like how you come up with the colors and/or values, and do I do it in layers or something, and what happens if I made a mistake and am unable to backtrack via the undo command?
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You bet, this full tutorial is on the site, you can watch the preview intro to see more if you're interested!
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Thank you so much. It's really helpful. 
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Interesting whose nose did you draw
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Thank you so much~~!! :D
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Thanks so much, I suck at noses ;.;
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Really helpful!
Thx for sharing!!!
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It's a good tutorial although it only shows how to draw the ideal nose which happens to be the easiest too.
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awesome tutorial! thanks for making it :D
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Thanks, noses are so hard to draw. e-e
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