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Braiding Tutorial Reference

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The Braiding Reference by Tim Von Rueden (vonn):
This week I've been working with learning the different techniques artists use to create the braided pattern, as I found out there were many. Rather than only choosing one, three examples of the process were included in this Braided Reference resource that was created to help out with creating your own braids. As noted, the ones with the "X" above them aren't wrong, just inaccurate. In comics, manga, animation, or any media that relies on quick paced results, braids that are simplified are often used, hence why they are not wrong.

The different ways to create the braid are as follows

  1. Repeated Shape - Create that shape with three pointed corners and a smooth one, and repeat it down the line while mirroring the shape on the opposite side.
  2. Zig-Zag Pattern - First draw a tight zigzag going down the line you want the braid to fall on. Then create a curved line going upwards until you meet with the "stopping point"
  3. Curved Live - I would consider this one the most difficult but it's when you draw a curved line in sequence and then repeat it on the opposite side, not mirrored, but slightly higher or lower. Finish it off with the zigzag going down the center to connect the two!

Lastly, it's important to note that the braided pattern can be used for more than just hair. You can see the pattern in weaponry, armor, tiles, and within various other patterns. It's not just for girls either. If you look at even newer fantasy movies like the Hobbit, both the dwarves and elves are lavished with braids intermingled in their hair.

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cool, this should help!
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How would a hair-braid look from the side? (assuming the example in tour tutorial is seen from the "front")
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CupricHobbyist Digital Artist
I faved this already some time ago, but I have to repeat - I just heckin' love this tutorial, it's my go-to whenever I draw braids :happybounce:
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EligoonHobbyist Digital Artist
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Yeah sure
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LeviaStar237Hobbyist General Artist
Sweet! I've been looking for something like this! :D I love braids but I just don't know how to draw them. ^^;
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Izzy1794Hobbyist Digital Artist
I tend to use the rightmost style in "not wrong, just inaccurate"
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weeya1 Digital Artist
Thank you so much! For the longest time, I’ve been using the inaccurate one. I knew it was the wrong way to draw, but that’s how I went with
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KawaiiPrincess64Student Digital Artist
one thing that does consern me is what if the braid is curved or bending at an angle?
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pokemonsonicgirl123Hobbyist General Artist
I usually just make a curved line of action and do the steps in this.
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AscoutnoonelikesHobbyist General Artist
because of this, I shall make a new character with a braid. Or just give one of my already existing characters a braid.
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KamiJoe22Student Digital Artist
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69thanatos69Student Digital Artist
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As someone who designed my own character with plaits (as we call them in Australia, pronounced "plats"), I must say, thank you for uploading this! I'm sure it'll come in handy someday. ;)

I personally use the repeated shape technique, though I think I might try the zig-zag pattern at some point, to better suit my cartoonish style.
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LaffyTaffyToriHobbyist General Artist
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Nice & easy. Hope this 'll be handy when needed. La la la la 
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benltolteHobbyist General Artist
Oh! This is amazing! Thank you very much. I've bookmarked this for further reference.
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this is very helpful
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F3M1N15MHobbyist Writer
Helpful! Thanks!
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ISuckAtDrawing04Hobbyist Artist
You are fake news
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benltolteHobbyist General Artist
You are fake.
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GoldencookiethiefHobbyist Digital Artist
Seems like a scam to me, The whole payment thing and the fact this website is advertising itself on Deviantart in a comment makes it really sketchy, 200 Dollars from a Deviantart comment sounds too good to be true. Be safe and don't go to sketchy money websites, it could really ruin your day.
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ZentieroHobbyist Digital Artist
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