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Anatomy Reference: The Knee


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The Full Knee Reference and Tips

Artist: Tim Von Rueden (vonn)

To see the exercise associated with this exercise, click HERE!

Knees are one of those anatomy features that gets ignored, over-simplified, or misinterpreted so that’s why I wanted to do a knee exercise to practice working on accurate knees that you can be proud to show off! Below is a chart I’ve been creating the past week to help understand and remember how to draw knees in your own work. Keep in mind while drawing knees, the underlying forms the most important aspect to showcase accurately.

Remember those 3 bones: Femer, Patala, and Tibia. These three bones along with some tendons and ligaments form that “knee cap” that usually represents the overall knee shape. In the chart you can see as you “melt” the bones, there is a shape that resembles an oval or egg shape being wrapped in the middle with a rubber band. From here you should have an anatomy reference open on the side to accurately depict the muscles the come above and below the knee.

From there remember that the inside of the knees/legs have more indents while the outside tends to be smoother. Lastly, the main difference between male and female legs is that male knees/legs typically focus on the underlying muscles and appear more rigid while the female knees/legs generally appear smoother with softer edges. Hope this helps you while creating knees on your own!

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Rofl : soft egg + rubber band XD
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wow, cool tutorial, thank you!
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When your knees are screwed up so you need references B)
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Do you have any other references, please? I hate the knees, because I do great upper torsos and faces, but the legs are my Achilles heel. A botched knee or foot can make the sexiest female subject look like shit. 
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you could always go look on google for references you nut bag
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I could, but I like the aesthetics exhibited by this artist: unless you're suggesting someone other than the artist here can instruct me better than they can in their own style, you're just being an irrational asshole. I'm not offended, but, yeah: you need to be informed of the obvious. You're an asshole. Take those Lincoln logs and go build a better cabin.
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Yeah, or just stating an observation.
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"triggers" are (for the most part) imaginary words or subjects that overload someone's pwecious feels so much that they're exempt from responsibility over their thoughts and feelings. That ain't what's goin' on here, chumly. 
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dont call me chumly noob
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Ugh, thanks for this. This'll just go into my helpful list of references for legs. I just can't seem to ever get them right!
Thank you so much for this
It helped a lot!!
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Rigid manly knees. So manly. :stare:
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I love when you lay stuff out like this; invaluable reference.

Thanks for doing this.
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Omg I'm dying at the weird pro tip XD
I love your mind and art skills c:
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This thing has mystified me for years! And no one nor any books has ever properly explained what's going on under the skin with the knee! Thank you!
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knee is very difficult to draw, thanks a lot for the tutorial! it will be very helpful! :squee: 
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Well presented info.
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Nice. Under appreciated.
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