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Elisen and Kiela colored excla by CGChewie Elisen and Kiela colored excla :iconcgchewie:CGChewie 0 2 Elisen and Kiela Ink by CGChewie Elisen and Kiela Ink :iconcgchewie:CGChewie 0 2
Was she worth it
“So was she worth it?”
Riftos twisted the knife he had pinned me to the wooden bench with, sending electric pains from my thigh all throughout my body.
“Tell me… Was she worth it?”
I closed my eyes, trying to get my nerves under control. I hadn’t been able to put up much of a fight after being petrified and fleeing from the crimson Kings Snake. I’d like to have thought that I’d put up more of a fight otherwise, but one thing was certain: Riftos had gotten better. A lot better.
Riftos placed a foot on my bench, appearing as though he was relishing in my downfall. “She a pinkie?” he queried, remaining a cool and calm as ever. “Perhaps a blackie? Regardless, your little girlfriend was worth it… Right? Tell me… Who is she? Who is this girlfriend of yours, friend?”
I said nothing. The silence pierced my ears. The only solace I could gather was from my heavy panting. A voice shattered the silence, “I’m the girlfr
:iconcgchewie:CGChewie 1 3
Elisen zomg by CGChewie Elisen zomg :iconcgchewie:CGChewie 1 1 vote for juxta by CGChewie vote for juxta :iconcgchewie:CGChewie 0 3 Happy Birthday Sene by CGChewie Happy Birthday Sene :iconcgchewie:CGChewie 0 2 Neelia bday by CGChewie Neelia bday :iconcgchewie:CGChewie 0 0 happy birthday hakiko by CGChewie happy birthday hakiko :iconcgchewie:CGChewie 1 1 Bootsy's birthday by CGChewie Bootsy's birthday :iconcgchewie:CGChewie 1 2 Psylight by CGChewie Psylight :iconcgchewie:CGChewie 0 4 Alison by CGChewie Alison :iconcgchewie:CGChewie 0 2
Taurus and Taru 04 -Aftershock
"Don't bother trying to find me ever again," the beast said over his shoulder as he quietly slipped into some underbrush. With the Tarutaru out of his sight, he looked onward to find a small meadow before him. Knowing the tenacity of his predator, he closed eyes and began to concentrate.
It was a quick process, lasting mere seconds at best. He fell forward as he felt his hands turn into fierce paws and his fingers into deadly claws. His hooves melted into mighty back paws with enough strength to propel him many yards into the air. His torso slimmed inward, removing much of his body mass. His broad shoulders converged together, making his body slick and small, like that of a tiger. The beast's face rounded out around his snout as his fur faded to a light tan-ish color. His raggy facial hair grew into a majestic mane, and two large front teeth sprung from his mouth. His muscles and bones shown through his tough skin. The beast had become feral.
The beast had always enjoyed this state. Hi
:iconcgchewie:CGChewie 0 6
Arget + Haki by CGChewie Arget + Haki :iconcgchewie:CGChewie 1 7
Taurus and Taru 03: The Dance
The sun peered over the horizon, giving light to the new day. Early morning dew shined in the morning sun, betraying the nightmare of a maelstrom that shook the forest previously. Eager to take advantage of the tranquility, woodland animals merrily scoured the forest's floor for food. That is, until an obnoxious Tarutaru came tumbling through the thicket, causing the wildlife to flee.
Juxtaposition was singing his favorite song as he ventured through Jugner Forest. "A-questing I shall go! A-questing I shall go! Hi ho, ma-taru-io~ a-questing I shall go!" He gave a hearty chuckle to himself.
"Still..." he began speaking to his Taru self, as he normally does, "this dirty old forest causes me aggravation...!" He pulled out the wanted poster he picked up in San d'Oria. "And this poster... where's all the information!?"
He began reading it. " 'Available to all adven-taru-ers. Slay the beastie-weastie of Jugner Forest responsible for the death of civilians. Bring back its head for proof. Rumo
:iconcgchewie:CGChewie 0 2
Elisen by CGChewie Elisen :iconcgchewie:CGChewie 1 0
Taurus and Taru 02: The Beauty
"And then I held my mighty-wighty sword above my head; ready to give chasey-whasey into the shed!" Juxtaposition declared on top of his lungs. "For, I knew the tactics of my prey. Not-taru would he get away! Not today!"
On a table stood "Juxtaposition", a Tarutaru of sorts. He was an overly eccentric, overly egotistical little man. He has a tendency of telling stories that were slightly larger than his three foot, seven inch self. He wore a red and black tunic and a cocky red and black hat with a feather in it; the staple look of Red Mages.
Juxtaposition continued, "No sir, he knew exactly what was coming for him! Cowering in his booties! Outlook grim! I’d tear him limb-from-limb! I’d not faily-waily my duties!"
He spoke soft and slow. "I ent-taru’ed the building, silent-taru, and sneaky-like – you see, trying to keep down his psych – I inch-taru’d forward… Creaks sounding from every floorboard. My nerves were shot, but I kept my eyes on my reward
:iconcgchewie:CGChewie 2 4


Cyber Girl by LovelyDagger Cyber Girl :iconlovelydagger:LovelyDagger 351 132 FFXI: A day in the life cont by KieLiMe FFXI: A day in the life cont :iconkielime:KieLiMe 5 17 Mithra and Draenei by raimy329
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Mithra and Draenei :iconraimy329:raimy329 914 26
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Jessica Rabbit :iconreiq:reiq 9,914 702
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