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Fish of a Different Skin 12
"I keep telling you, I'm fine! I don't--"
"You still may have inhaled some of his hallucinogen, we need to make sure."
Megamind whined as he sat in the back of the ambulance while a paramedic slipped a mask over his mouth and nose. Metro Man never got babied like this; it was downright insulting! He'd just saved the day! Where was the cheering crowd? Yes, he had been swarmed by photographers and reporters, but no cheering crowd had been a bit disappointing.
"Breathe in..." the paramedic said, "and breathe out..."
"Oh good, I probably could forget how to breathe!" Megamind complained, but did as she instructed, glad that the crowd had dispersed by now. He had begun to cough, only a little, once the excitement was over with. Fearing that he might have inhaled some of Psycho Delic's smoke, he had been pulled away while the police worked out the rest of the mess. It seemed the money Psycho Delic had stolen from the other banks was nowhere to be found, and they wanted to question Megamind i
:iconcgaussie:cgaussie 9 5
Fish of a Different Skin Pt 11
"Hey... how is he?" Roxanne asked as she walked into the recovery room. She was unsurprised to see Megamind in the exact same chair he had been in the last time she had visited, the day before. Had he left the room at all?
"He still hasn't woken up," Megamind mumbled. He moved as if he had just let go of Minion's hand, and shoved his hand innocently onto his own leg.
He looked so small in this white room, dressed in his black. What added to the illusion was the fact he had removed his spikes, his collar, and his cape. Now he was just a skinny blue alien man sitting beside a hospital bed. "I keep telling them that the medication they're giving him might be harmful , but no, I don't know anything. I'm just the hero of the city, after all."
"Hrm. If you're that worried, you should have them take a blood test to see what it's doing to him," she said as she walked up to the bed and looked down at the sleeping Minion. His face had some color back, which was a relief.
"They did."
:iconcgaussie:cgaussie 9 1
Fish of a Different Skin Pt 10
Megamind had never been one for hospitals.
When he had been but a little boy, growing up in prison, scrapes were inevitable. He would end up sitting in the infirmary, and the strong smell of cleaning agents and antiseptic always made him feel uncomfortable and out of his element. On top of that, there was the way those rubber gloves would loom towards him, like something from Hell trying to drag him down with it.
Needles were something he especially hated, and he could clearly remember screaming at the top of his lungs when he had his first needle experience as a young boy.
If he thought about it, though, he'd never really beenin a hospital. Whenever he had been injured to the point of needing medical treatment during his years of evil, Minion had always been the one to tend to him. The fish would bundle him up and take him to the lair, to their specialized corner or room (depending on where their lair was located at the time) that was made up for treating wounds. Minion would b
:iconcgaussie:cgaussie 8 6
Fish of a Different Skin Pt 9
"Drive faster, drive faster!" Megamind urged as he sat in between Roxanne and her new cameraman, gripping the dashboard in front of him. "Can't this thing go any faster?" he demanded of the driver.
"We are driving through the city streets, Megamind... even we're not above the speed limit," Roxanne muttered, as she had been scooted over in her seat thanks to Megamind having to fit in with hers since he refused to sit in the back. Even if he was a skinny thing he took up room thanks to his elaborate clothing and head.
"How did he get there so fast, then?" Megamind asked, looking at her with worry and concern clearly marking his face. "I heard his voice, in the room next to me, how could..."
"Oh, he's flying now," Roxanne's new cameraman, Alex, answered with a shrug.
"What?" Megamind blinked in alarm. "Is he using the jet pack I made...?"
"Nope. Flying solo. Like Metro Man used to," Alex answered as he pulled out front of the aquarium.
As the three piled out of the van, people arou
:iconcgaussie:cgaussie 8 10


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I've never really had dual fandoms before but this is nice. Megamind, Monster in Paris, try to get along together? So far I'm fairing fairly well... I hope it lasts.

BRB writing more fanfics.



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