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Shinji Ikari cactified (Part 1)

By cgaegavga99
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A gift for :iconnepht:, :iconcaspertg: and :iconsymats:

This submission based on nepht( )'s deviation.

Homage to nepht's great drawings and characters!

:bulletblue: Shinji Ikari (from Neon Genesis Evangelion)
:bulletblue: Cacti monster (nepht's OC)

Parts (1/5):
In the vast desert. Shinji dropped his foot into green goo puddle. The uncanny goo expanded, and formed a cocoon. Shinji was encased into gooey cocoon.

Enjoy the deviation!

Part 5(Censored):
Part 3 and 4 can't submit to deviantart. see Fur Affinity (… ,… - FA account needed)

Part 5+1:
Part 5+2:

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I love it though how his face stays the same through the panels lmao
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That's really bad wording. Also your kink is bad.
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I'm sorry, but I must kinkshame.
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"Now I really can't run away!  Well, maybe hopping away will work..."
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Very cool! You've got to love the uncanny goo.
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I can't seem to get to parts 3 and 4, on FA all it says is you are not allowed to view this message.
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Maybe you need to have a FA account to see them.
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I don't think that's the case, I do have a FA account and it still doesn't work for some odd reason. Does it work for you?
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Go to 'My FA'→'Account Management'→'Account Settings'.
And Content Maturity Filter set to 'General, Mature, Adult'.

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Ahhh, there ya' go! Thanks, very much appreciated. Also, great job with the art!
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