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The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine (Gwent) fan-art.

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I knew she was a Vampire right after the event where you meet her.
How? Well....... which Noblewoman is so damn calm and collected after encountering a burglar in her own house?
And she took care of him herself? And she does not even have a single scratch?
Gurl... you need to step your game up if you wanna roleplay a Human. :D

Also she does not deserve Geralts bitchy attitude.
She is safing homeless kids and orphans from starvation.
Of course she does it not for free. She needs some blood too.

Geralt was overreacting. If Orianna dies, lots of kids will either die with her or suffer enormously.
She is the "necessary evil" :XD: that the landscape needs.

"Batguuurl, dud dudu dudu du, Batguuuurl, dadadadadada :D ... " lol
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About 95% of all children depicted in the Witcher 3 are faaaaar worse of then hers, and if she has a little sip here and there, who cares 🤔
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you deserve way more recognition after this image. this is awesome.
"I will come back for you" - GeraltHeadbang! 
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Шикарная работа! Свет балдежный!
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Oh damn, that's intense. 
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Extremely cool look in the woman's eyes.
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I love the storytelling behind this piece.
Especially with Geralt's sword in the corner.
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Ну невероятно крутой свет!! Референс какой-то был по освещению или из головы все?)
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Spasibo! Da, nashel horoshie refy. 
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Хорошо, когда есть удачный реф!) У меня зачастую не получается найти нужные рефы, в итоге рисую из головы и результат соответственно ни разу не удовлетворяет.
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The thumbnail made me wonder, and then the image itself was instantly recognisable. Thumbs Up

I like the (bloody) detail; it nicely highlights the bitter-sweet nature of the character and image; well done! 
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Damn this is perfect. I really hate her, but this picture makes it real hard to continue, it's amazing.
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Impressive work. Very well done. 
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Очень красивый эффект фокусировки/расфокусировки
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