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Duel of Liegnitz

By CG-Zander
Cover for CD [link]
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What happened at Liegnitz? Was it a Mongol-German battle?
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It was mostly a battle between Mongols and Polish troops with some support from knightly orders. 
This "east" to clash is but barbarism by Sinocentrism?
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The background of this image from wikipedias page on the first mongol invasion of poland:

The Mongols considered the Cumans to have submitted to their authority, but the Cumans fled westward and sought asylum within the Kingdom of Hungary. After King Béla IV of Hungary rejected Batu Khan's ultimatum to surrender the Cumans, Subutai began planning the Mongol invasion of Europe. Batu and Subutai were to lead two armies to attack Hungary itself, while a third under Baidar, Orda Khan and Kadan would attack Poland as a diversion to occupy northern European forces which might come to Hungary's aid.

Europe has and will continue to do the right thing as long as they remember who they are and where they come from
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Yes you are correct. Thanks!
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No problem I enjoy your work
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The Poles are justly proud of turning back the Mongols, but this was actually a diversionary attack. It was designed to keep the Poles, etc., from coming to the aid of the Hungarians in the main Mongol thrust into the Hungarian plains. So in that, the northern attack was strategically successful. The central Mongol thrust was successful, but once again there was a succession crisis that saved the Europeans.
Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Thanks for the fine execution of this subject.
PS, do you know why the knight's shield is still on his back? Bad luck?
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Thanks! This is like a legend now.
P.S. Yop :) Maybe Knight tried to run away ;)
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Yup, still gorgeous after 5 years.
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This is awesome! You did a great job. :)
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This is epic, not many know that the Mongols indeed invaded even Central Europe OO
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Very impressive detail you've put into this. Great job :)
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shadows are perfect and a lot of detail.

the point is, did these warriors ever actually meet?

i mean teutonic and mongol
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Thank you! Yes, I think so.
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Battle of Legnica
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definitely worth the DA-DD 
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An unhorsed Mongol and Teutonic Knight battling it out in single combat? That's beyond awesome!
Great work on the details, like the ax's wrist strap and the knight's chain mail. I also really like the chaotic background, with the fire and battle. It's a very interesting image of a great battle. +fav 
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Yeh! Thank you!
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