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Clibanarii's attack

By CG-Zander
Book cover.
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las guerras del siglo IV
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All shall fear the cataphracts! Splendid and glorious art!
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belisari troops
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Fact: this is the most awesome roman cavarlyman I have ever seen.
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Great. Can you draw byzantium emperor on throne.
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Awesome! Excellent design.
I would like to know where these soldiers are from. The masked helmets they are wearing in the background look east European to me, but the helmet of the man in the foreground looks almost Roman. I'm not an expert, so I can't tell for sure.
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Thank you very much!
It is early Byzantium.
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Ah, yes. that makes sense. Thank you!
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Жлезный человек в ретро доспехах
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Да это же Дауни Младший, железный чеолвек!
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magnificent cataphractaire
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Really like the gritty historical feel of the work down to the scale mail armor. Thanks for sharing.
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Those are byzantine's cavalrymen? It's wonderful Zander, from the armor details to his face, it's really professional and detailed. Congratulations man!
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Yes this is it, thank you very much man!
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крутой дядька!
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Спасибо, рад что тебе нравится :)
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Definetely my kind of art!!!

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very cool! which book is it?
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