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RWBY: Yang Xiao Long - Hair Sculpting Tutorial

By cg-sammu
Hey everyone! I made a quick hair sculpting tutorial today for you guys to check out! :D Let me know if you guys want to see more of these in the future! #RWBY #Patreon

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Thank you all so much! <3
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hi.thanks for the tut. its really nice. I went to your patreon page but I cant seem to see anything there or how to follow or become a patreon. are you still active?
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I'm a 3D-Coat user and this is still great since it's just as manageable with its own tools!  Thank you!
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Super super good tutorial, thank you so much!
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Fantastic tut!!!!!
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Good tutorial for Zbrush :p
Kotarow's avatar
YES! This was exactly what I was looking for: a good workflow for hair.
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Seriously, I want to thank you. I've never liked hair cards and I've been struggling with sculpting hair for characters. This tutorial was incredibly eye-opening to me.
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Man you made my day ! Thank you :)
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Awesome! How about doing a tutorial for the eyes? :)
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Sure thing! I will definitely consider that for next time!
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I'd love a tutorial for the eyes too!
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Cool! I will give this a try this today. Thank you for this.
In step 7 the hair mesh is already re-topologised, isn't it?
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Yeah, with default settings, you can use ZRemesher to fix most types of mesh in 1 click :D Its awesome! For more complex shapes, you can use retopo brush to add in guide lines too
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isent this end result very poly heavy for a game character?
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oh this is just the high poly sculpting, but in games..we need another step after this, which is baking all this detail down into low poly for it run in the engine :D
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What program are you using?
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this was made in zbrush! :D
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very cool. I suck at hair, so I will definitely try your technique to hopefully help me out
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thanks!! :D yeah np man!
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this is so crazy good :3 
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hahah thank you!
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^.^ yew ish welcomes :D!
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This tutorial is really great! I was wondering on possible ways to do just this a few weeks ago. Thanks!
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