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RWBY: Yang Xiao Long

By cg-sammu
As promised, I decided to make fully-posed characters instead of busts now.. I managed to finish my #RWBY tribute within 2 weeks and I hope you guys like it! Here's Yang Xiao Long for February! =) #Patreon

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Thank you all so much! <3
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Holy smokes this is amazing! :D :D 
Probably one of the most realistic models I've seen! 
Well done! :D
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Wow !Amazing Works
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This one is a much better match for the character than the last one. Although it feels again like she has a more plainly pretty face than one that actually looks like Yang. But I like the pose and the implied movement is good.
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really badass and smily 
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She 'bout to lose that shirt.
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np buddy! added you on FB btw! 
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i cant believe you actually made her an adult wow nice work
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bahahah!! thanks!
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What does RWBY mean? and it looks good.
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It can also refer to the characters: Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang.
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Red, White, Black, Yellow.
The-Blobmonster's avatar
It's the name of a webseries.
KiritoDrift2025's avatar
I love Yang of RWBY, she's badass
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