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July 25, 2013
Pokemon Sculpt Wallpaper 2013 by *cg-sammu
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Pokemon Sculpt Wallpaper 2013

Hey guys! Here's the final wallpaper with all 9 of them together, this was a big 9-week straight speed-sculpt challenge I did for fun in my own time =) Each pokemon sculpt took roughly 2 days max, At first I didn't know how to keep this up while having a full-time job, but I learned a lot! you'll be surprised and realize how much potential we ALL have, I believe if you plan well, worked hard at a consistent pace, and most importantly! setting your priorities straight. Goals that may seem impossible to reach at first will suddenly become closer within your grasp if you make sure you do these things :D Okay, now its time to relax and finally start playing BioShock 3..LOLOL!!
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Every single thing about this...
I love.
Love so hard that I love it more than nutella...