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Pokemon Sculpt: Realistic Mewtwo 2013

Just wanted to thank everyone for all the support I've been getting, thought I surprise you guys with another Pokemon Sculpt before the end of the year, here's my version of Mewtwo! XD!! Merry Christmas everyone!! have a safe and wonderful holidayy!!

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I really wish this was in the games!
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It's like Freeza and Mew had a baby. A very angry, scary... big baby. lol
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That detailing though :) <3
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What'S up my friend! Your version is awesome, it's really incredile! Check out mine with that Timelapsed Zbrush Video:…
Mcl-The-Blue-Madness's avatar
I'm not sure I dig the steroids. =/
The rest I like.
cg-sammu this is SOOOOOO AMAZING could you please tell me how long you have been working with 3d art I'm so curious also do you have any tips for a new artist
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thank you sooo much!! XD about..8 years now? its super fun mannn suree! what do you need help on?
oh yea, I recently started a Patreon page! and also mentoring!
WOW well Ive been working on human faces for awhile always love the models in the final fantasy movies and jrpgs games so if you have any tips or hints about sculpting faces that it would be appreciated also  was wondering if you could tell me about how you got into 3d art and what really brought you to this point and skill level thanks
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I gotta say, female faces are the hardest to takes tons of practice and knowing the anatomy of the face..etc LOL, well when i was young, I was inspired by playing FF8 and watching their cinematics! its what got me started to pursue 3D long time ago =) ahahaha
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This is the most awesome statue I've ever seen!!!
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hahah thank youu!!
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I wish that yo were selling it!
Although, I don't really have any extra money right now, so..
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This is an excellent representation of what a 'realistic' Mewtwo should look like. I thought he had his armor from Giovanni in the thumbnail, this looks great too, though I would still enjoy seeing an armored version, especially with your cybernetic additions.
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hahah thanks!!! really glad you like it!
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Very, very intimidating. The calves are extremely well detailed, which I like, good job.
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hahah thankss!!!!!
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i never thought Mewtwo could get more bad-ass than he is already. thanks for proving me wrong
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You selling any of these?
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WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW The best, great work.
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wow that'll easily cost allot from where i come from, awesome sculpt man, the cyborg touches and hanging wires really give it a new air XD
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thanks mann!! :D
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