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I decided to try out Patreon this year and make tons of new Fan Art for you guys! I'm also providing Mentorship for those of you who are trying to learn 3D or simply need feedback and paintovers on their work! I will be posting updates on our new indie game as well - tons of fun stuff coming guys!!!
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That's awesome Sam! Great list of characters too! I'm signed up! :D
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I just saw!!! :D thanks for the support Corey!! :D
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I'd love to get your help. Your art is AMAZING!
I have recently been accepted in a Interactive and Digital Game diploma and I'd love to learn to do all that.
It's beautiful work!! :3
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Thank you so much!! :D So what will you be focusing on in school? Do you plan to be a 3d artist, or a 2d artist? =)
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Well the Diploma is teaching me how to make games for all different platforms :3
I'd love to learn 3D :)
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that is so awesome!!! I wish there was a program like that back when i was a student! :D yeah 3D can be technical at first, but...once you get the hang of it, you can literally invent/make anything you want :D plus 3d printers now ;)
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It's actually an off campus Diploma. It goes through Evocca College :3 It should still be open and I think you can do it overseas aswell :) that's if you're into wanting to make games :)
I'd love to learn 3D. I may have to get lessons from you if you're willing to supply them? :3
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sureee! I can totally help you out =) If your a supporter on my Patreon, we usually sync up every Wednesday for mentoring! I can definitely try and teach fundamentals of 3D Modelling in 3dsmax or Maya, and Sculpting in ZBrush if you'd like
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I should be able to if you are doing these around April?? :)
I don't have the internet on my laptop at the moment and the programs I'm going to have to get aswell :3
But I'd LOVE to be taught
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Yup! should be fine around April =) Well, so far all the mentoring right now is "email based" and most people are mid-level artists.. But what I can do for you is try setting up a weekly tutorial in the future for "beginners only" And let you guys follow easy/clear steps to focus on skills that YOU need, and not random things that art schools force on you..ya know? lol and I'll be available to chat if you guys get stuck or have any questions - maybe something like that? :D
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Do you know the Gumroad Platform? I would LOVE to pay you for some tutorials!

some of the tutorials i have bought, if by anytime you decide to give it a shot please do tell me and i will gladly throw money at you and your amazing skills
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Yeahhh I heard about it! maybe I should try gumroad as well =) thanks!!!
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Dude I love your super realistic pokemon. o_o
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thank you so muchh!! :D
I recently started a Patreon page, I'll be making more fanart there as well!
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