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Gundam Wing: Epyon Gundam

By cg-sammu
Hey guys! Here's my #ZBrush render for this month's #Patreon Character, #Epyon from #GundamWing! Hope you guys like it! :D

For Full images + Creation Process + Indie game Updates + Posters + Mentorship - please support me on
Thank you all so much! <3
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Fucking awesome. 
Bhrunno's avatar
darkdill's avatar
Makes me wish for a Gundam Wing Remastered with updated visuals, but same story.
UrbanSniper's avatar
This rendition of Epyon looks absolutely amazing! So much detail!
Deathfirebrony's avatar
It's SO GORGEOUS! I LOVE IT! Instant Fave!

Man I just WISH there was a Wing Zero version! That'd be awesome!
JoltingTalbain's avatar
Oh my god, that's BEAUTIFUL!
Wolf-fang4's avatar
Love how this came out.
Lucario-Stl's avatar
Whats next? the Wing Gundam itself?
WilbertPierce's avatar
Sam your my hero and I'd love to work with you.
JoelWhite's avatar
Wow, really great job sir!
ZerocCorez's avatar
Im going to unwatch you.
The reason is:
Everytime I see the models you make, I get so sad of the fact that I'm not able to make my models just a tad as good as yours :c
MMKH's avatar
This brings back some nostalgia. I used to think that particular Gundam was cool. :p
Ph03n1x-Warr1or-Z's avatar
Your presentation of Epyon brings back memories of how I saw this Gundam when I was a kid: a truly demonic, ferocious, and intimidating force.  In fact, you have made Epyon look even more powerful than it was in the anime.  Awesome job!Clap Glorious Chibi Mecha of Epicness 
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woww thank you so much!! :D yeahh I loved the show when I was young too! :D
Ph03n1x-Warr1or-Z's avatar
You're very welcome.
TheAzathoth's avatar
Ok you convinced me, im gonna pay for the 30.00 monthly.

Can you please describe me a little your mentoring program? I just want to get a bit of info about it.
cg-sammu's avatar
Basically, we sync up every Wednesday =) Patrons email me screenshots of what they are currently working on, and if they wanted paint overs and critiques from me, I can help them with the areas they are stuck on =) things like, anatomy, composition, shape readability, zbrush sculpting...anything really! :D
TheAzathoth's avatar
Perfect! Thank so much for the response :)
Apolyon07's avatar
More more more........ Tallgeese maybe?
cg-sammu's avatar
hahah suree! I'll consider that in the future!
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