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Bioshock Infinite: Elizabeth

By cg-sammu
Just want to share my zbrush render of Elizabeth from Bioshock! :D! Let me know what you guys think =) If you guys have any questions, feel free to comment!

For High-res images, PSD layers, or Mentorship - please support me on
Thank you all so much! <3
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Great take on a great character!
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I don't think Elisabeth when I see this. It's a very well done model, but it isn't a good representation of the character. The nose is off, the eyes are wrong, and if you've played the game you might feel her expression just does not match.

You've taken a lot of steps to just make her pretty. And it feels like you've ignored everything else.
SROBOTNIK's avatar
man I want a Play arts figure of that, she is a babe! excellent work man.
holyholy7's avatar
She is gorgeous..
Excellent work!
cg-sammu's avatar
thanksss!! :D I'll be doing more of these every month!
holyholy7's avatar
You're welcome!
Good luck with your next projects.

Cheers ;]
tipboy's avatar
Great work using Zbrush :D (Big Grin) 
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"She" has an asymmetric expression [left image_right image] trait of human appearance; but the eyes have less glare that the cheeks, which seems rare. On the other hand. the colors chosen [background, clothing, ...] are fantastic. I hope that when you finish the personage, will be perfect. Thanks for sharing and letting comment Lu Emoticon 
IgaHanzo's avatar
shes  gorgeous 
cg-sammu's avatar
thank youuu!! :D
Daltynn's avatar
I like it! but it still feels like a WIP. it looks like she's smiling but her cheek's don't look like they've lifted at all, so it's a little...freaky xD
Also I feel like your material representation could be a little more accurate; nothing like stitching details or anything, maybe a difference in spec? 

Besides that I love it ^_^
Finlandyashagirl's avatar
She looks amazing :heart:
cg-sammu's avatar
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"Boobs bursting out of my top" notwithstanding, this is very nice work.  Looks almost like 2D artwork, and I mean that in the best way. 
cg-sammu's avatar
hahah thanks!! XD
Mystressb's avatar
You're welcome, I'd kill to have 1/10th of your talent with this kind of program. :)
JoshuaSander's avatar
waaaaath ??!! You did Elizabeth ?? She look gorgeus !!Specially love how the lips and hair ended, the nose look a little bit off but might be my imagination, nice work :D
cg-sammu's avatar
hahah thankssss! glad you like it! im planning to make more chicks lol
BrownieRaider's avatar
 It looks almost 2D! I love the way she stands out, she looks so innocent  and cute.
cg-sammu's avatar
hahah thanksss!!
destinyisland94's avatar
I'm so glad if you can made some tutorial.. 
cg-sammu's avatar
Im doing mentoring on Patreon! :D I'll definitely try and get some tutorials going in the future, or even small assignment courses for beginners =)
destinyisland94's avatar
Lovely Elizabeth!
Good work bro.
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