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April 4, 2009
Homicide Series - Mischief 2 by ~cfstock is just one of the brilliantly expressive stock photos that this deviant has in their gallery. Definitely one to keep an eye on.
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Homicide Series - Mischief 2

Redone version of an earlier shot that people seemed to like.

Please read my rules before using. :)


Wooooooo ad DD! :faint: I'm totally stoked! I've seriously not stopped doing little jigs since I found out. Thank you all for checking it out and anyone who uses anything on my account.

Specifically I'd like to thank:

:iconayelie-stock: (Ayelie-Stock) Who first gave me the idea to start doing this in the first place. Can't thank her enough for that first inspiration, and her guidance thereafter has been invaluable.

W.L.F. Who loaned me the much better camera and the gun, much appreciated.

:iconhanratty-stock: (Hanratty-Stock) Who featured me, and shares so much great stock with the community.

Answers to common questions:

I will be responding to each of you but just so I don't keep getting the same questions over and over again here are a few I keep seeing.

Q: Why is it called Homicide instead of Suicide?
A: It's not really titled homicide. It's part of a series titled "Homicide Series", referring to a Homicide investigation. If this was not part of a series this one would simply be called "Mischief 2".

Q: Is that a real gun?
A: Yes, it's a Para-Ordnance .45. I used it because my fake gun doesn't look very convincing. No I will not discuss my opinions on guns or gun-related politics. There are forums for that all over the internet if you wish to argue yourself into the ground.

Q: Is it loaded?
A: For the love of god no. I'm trying to make stock here, not a corpse. Please don't try this at home kids. I have been trained in firearm safety and I know how to make sure a gun like this isn't loaded. Even if there are no bullets in the clip, even if the clip is not in the gun, it can still fire depending on the manufacturer and modifications to the gun if there is a bullet in the chamber. You would not be able to see this from outside the gun. If you don't know how to check the chamber GET SAFETY TRAINING.

Q: I don't like suicide/do you support suicide?
A: I do not support suicide. If you're considering it as an option, please don't. Even if you don't think there is a single person who cares about you out there; you might be surprised. If you want to talk to someone give this number a call - 1-800-273 TALK. They won't try to find out who you are, they'll just talk to you. Barring that you can talk to me.

That's all I've got. Again a big thank you to everyone and anyone I forgot to mention. If anyone has any questions or requests I am open to both, so please send them in! :)
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3504x2336px 2.11 MB
Canon EOS 20D
Shutter Speed
1/125 second
Focal Length
21 mm
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Date Taken
Mar 22, 2009, 4:34:13 AM
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how fucking stupid do you have to be to do this?