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Halo - In the glove box

By cfowler7-SFM
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What happens if a bunch of bored Spartans start goofing off when one of them falls to sleep? Nothing really, unless they are Harold, Eris and Ryley of course. It was a tiring mission, so much so Spartan Boss took an unwanted yet needed snooze on the way back. Upon returning to base Harold couldn't resist a little playful pranking, evening managing to egg the other two to join in the fun. A fine picture for the fridge door.

Ryley - 'Ugh... you are aware you just used a permanent marker right?'

Harold - 'Oops, heh heh~.'


Spartan Boss belongs to BossVeteran

(Comments would be lovely guys, seriously. Please give me your thoughts, as I will most likely want to post art sooner this way! Motivation, you know?) :) (Smile)

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We ALL would prank our friends! XD
BrianaSFM-Official's avatar
i just noticed something. . . .

why is one of them holding a pen and a selfie stick? 
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Take a look at the sleeping blue Spartan. Noticed something on his visor? XD
BrianaSFM-Official's avatar
looks nice!

Do you use actual halo maps from the game,

       If so than Give meh!

I love halo!
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Nah I make my own ^^; sorry.
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oh, now i see that the boss guy drew on him xD
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Laugh LOL How this capture so well how i am?…like i always fall in sleep when i go in a car xD

also damm you Harold Medic's Rage Intensifies (Chat Icon) 

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I think it would be hilarious if Boss didn't realize he'd been pranked till the commander pointed it out during their debriefing XD
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Badass looking!
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