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Thrain, son of Thror

Continuing with the fun of drawing dwarves, I decided to draw Thrain from the movie The Hobbit charging with his war hammer. I had to guess on some of the armor details, and fake a lot of it pattern-wise so I could keep from losing my mind (I'm supposed to be sewing right now, but this is so fun I don't want to stop). This took two days to sketch in blue pencil (straight to bristol -- which is different than my usual transferring process) and three days to ink.

Drawn on 11"X14" bristol, and inked (also used ink wash) with Black Magic ink, using Winsor & Newton brushes (sizes 0, mostly 1, and 2 and 3 for inking large areas). I also used a black pencil for his facial tattoos, and a white pencil for some texture on the side of the war hammer.

Edited on 7/17/14: Replaced the old photograph with a scan.
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Other than the angle of the warhammer head and shaft being slightly off, this is a brilliant drawing. If you're relearning after awhile then well done indeed:)
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It's great too see people doing something with Thrain. He seems to get a little forgotten, what with his being in between Thror and Thorin. Maybe that will change when the next movie comes out because I saw a mention in an Empire (movie magazine) article that there will be some detail about what happened to him.

Anyway, nice work on this. :)
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Thank you! :D

And I totally agree! I was so disappointed we didn't see more with Thrain. I'm also hopeful we'll see what happened to him in DoS, and my fingers are crossed we'll even get a few more seconds of him from pre-dragon attack. Even a few more screen caps would be handy to study his armor closer and get a feel for him as a character. I really enjoy drawing him and Thror (I have a rough sketch of the two of them in my scraps, waiting to be finished). They are so much fun!
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this is incredible! I'm in love with your amount of details you put in 
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Thank you so much for your very kind reply! :D Best Wishes!
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thank you! and to you also!
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Wow, I'm absolutely blown away! This is incredible! :D I'd love to have this framed on my wall. ;)
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Thank you so much! The crazy thing is, I keep wanting to frame all these dwarf drawings too (and Christopher is agreeing with me). I don't know where I'm going to find the wall space. *laughs*

As crazy as some of the repetitive details (and having to guess at a lot of them) made me, this one was a lot of fun I'll admit. :D Dwarves are such a blast to draw!
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I know what you mean about the repetitive details, that's what drove me crazy with my Thorin drawing. You did an amazing job! ^_^
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