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Thorin and Dwalin: from a Richard Armitage quote

I love drawing dwarves, and I just looooove their big, clunky boots, and their big, battered dwarf-hands (and their ears, and noses, and beards -- you get the idea).

So, when I came across this Richard Armitage quote, I couldn't help myself. My husband thought I should go for it, and here you go.

(Edited to paste the quote, since the original source disappeared):
“Well, big boots and then fake prosthetic hands which is very disappointing when you go to the bathroom during shooting… very, very disappointing.” — Richard Armitage

Whipped out quickly in a couple hours -- sketched in blue pencil on thinner drawing paper, then finished in pencil (2H, 3B, and 8B). And look! My first time ever, drawing Dwalin! Does that help out until I can draw better Dwalin art, Saraleee ? ;)

Edited on 7/17/14: Replaced the old photograph with a scan.
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hehehehe, Wink/Razz Giggle
it's so funny.rofl 
... yeah, very disappointing ...
Leathurkatt-TFTiggy's avatar
**falls over and dies laughing**  XD
cfgriffith's avatar
;) Heheheh! Thanks for the reply!
Altris26's avatar
LOL love this!! :D had me giggling for a good 5 mins :)
cfgriffith's avatar
Hahah! Glad I could give you a good giggle for the day! Thanks for the reply :D
goddesstears's avatar
*chuckles* Hehe you know I love this. ;)
cfgriffith's avatar
I'm so glad everyone is getting a laugh out of it. I kept laughing at Richard's quote and... well, I don't want to say I was imagining what he meant, but.... obviously I must have been if I drew this. Heehee!
goddesstears's avatar
Hahaha! XD Yeah lol
Griffonheart's avatar
There are a lot of jokes regarding Dwarves' 'size', saying what they lack in height...
cfgriffith's avatar
*smirks* Not to mention, just look at those big feet, hands, and ears... and... I think I'll stop there. :XD:

Seriously though, they have such huge personalities... they seem so much bigger to me. Now, anyway... it took me a while to really notice them and see how much fun they can be (my husband finally got me to come to my senses LOL!).

Thanks for the reply!
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Yay! Thank you! Yes, I like your Dwalin art very much! He's got that smile that I adore almost as much as his snarl.


But, oh, Thorin's disappointment is so sad! LOL


cfgriffith's avatar
Oh good! I'm hoping my planned drawing (goes along with Gloin's for a "cupcake series") will have that same smile of his on it. Heheheh!

And I know... poor Richard/Thorin... *snrk!* ;) Must have been quite a shock for him. Ha!
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