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Thorin Oakenshield and Roac the Raven

Slight spoiler below, from the book The Hobbit, if you have not read it. This is a rare time I was inspired to draw something that has not happened yet in the movies. I have a bad feeling the ravens will not be showing up, but I enjoy mixing things from the book and movies together anyway:

"Your own wisdom must decide your course; but thirteen is small remnant of the great folk of Durin that once dwelt here, and now are scattered far. If you will listen to my counsel, you will not trust the Master of the Lake-Men, but rather him that shot the dragon with his bow. Bard is he, of the race of Dale, of the line of Girion; he is a grim man but true. We would see peace once more among dwarves and men and elves after the long desolation; but it may cost you dear in gold. I have spoken."

Then Thorin burst forth in anger: "Our thanks, Roäc Carc's son. You and your people shall not be forgotten. But none of our gold shall thieves take or the violent carry off while we are alive. If you would earn our thanks still more, bring us news of any that draw near. Also I would beg of you, if any of you are still young and strong of wing, that you would send messengers to our kin in the mountains of the North, both west from here and east, and tell them of our plight. But go specially to my cousin Dain in the Iron Hills, for he has many people well-armed, and dwells nearest to this place. Bid him hasten!"

Drawn on 11 X 14 Bristol, using Black Magic ink and ink wash, Winsor & Newton series 7 sable brushes (#2 and #3), and black and white pencil. Ended up rushing it towards the end with the background out of frustration (and nearly shredded the paper trying to add more layers of inkwash).  My poor eyes! I honestly don't even know if I've typed everything on here correctly, much less missed something important on the drawing. :( I was also working from very small images of his new costume, and for my own space could not get all the detail correctly like the movie costume (for example, the trim is more simplified).

Link in the Scraps section to the blue pencil sketch:…

Edited 7/17/14: Just got a new scanner and am working on better ways to get my art online.
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There was a brief shot of Roac in the extended scenes, but I really wish he had talked. I I mean if nothing else talk in a language that only Thorin can understand. I'm a little bit disappointed with how Jackson handles stuff. But I love love this artwork. Someone is my favorite of all the company
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Gah, so sad they did not add Roac in the movies :( But your work looks amazing! Are you planning on drawing from LotR as well? I would like to see that
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Actually they did! And there is supposed to be more of him in the extended edition.
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Sweet! Now one has something to look forward to :)
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I should add: It's not like I'm getting burned out on The Hobbit yet. I suspect I will always love both the book and the movies... I'd been wondering what I should do about continuing art again (I thought I might never draw again before these movies came out and inspired me to get back to it). I could easily see the stories of Middle Earth lasting me the rest of my life. :) (Smile)
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I cant say that I liked the movies more than the books...but jackson did do some amazing things for sure! :D And please do not stop drawing! Inspiration doesn't have to be locked on release dates.
For sure those stories can. They will certainly last all of my life :)
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That's the thing for me  -- there are parts of the movies I didn't care for, but I have to admit there are even parts of The Hobbit book I disliked. I enjoy blending the things I liked from both together when I think about it sometimes... and try and forget some of the things I didn't care for. ;) I am sure at some point I will illustrate scenes from The Hobbit book -- I do love both versions of Thorin.  (not sure what that says about me, that I relate so well to him... hahah!)

And thank you! I know now that keeping a slower pace will be helpful. I used to work SO much faster... I think I had a massive case of burnout, and piles and piles of art that weren't making me happy. "Quality over Quantity" now, I think! And taking breaks to enjoy other hobbies, in case even that doesn't work. :) But I'm very pleased I finally got into these stories. I'd tried when the LotR movies came out, but it just didn't click for me then. It's not that I hated them, but I just think I wasn't at the right place in my life. My husband loved The Hobbit since childhood, so I went to see AUJ for him as a little date. Glad I did, as now we can share that fandom together! I guess I was ready for this world now! ;)
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I suppose I am a bit less critical of the it childhood hero-worship ;) but yes, some parts the movies did absolutely fantastic! Especially the difference between the characters in Thorin's company. It was good to see some diversity.
Relating to Thorin can mean quite a few things, I guess. Home nostalgia, weakness for shiny things, leadership skills, many bearded friends, a grudge with goblin warlords and/or a distrust for forest-dwellers? ;) I'm sure one of them fits.

You are most welcome! I'm sure you'll find the drive to make more awesome illustrations. Do not underestimate the power of a short break once in a while (says the horribly lazy drawer). Its good that your husband can help you!! Fandom is best when shared, even if it is fundamentally a personal thing :D
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Oh I understand! :D  For me, it's easier to be critical of both... but then, I can be absolutely fanatical and still see flaws. I think it's part of the process of enjoying something for me, I think. Gives me more to consider, and also to see if it changes over time as I learn more on my own life's path (cheesy? Maybe... maybe not! heheh). My husband had a love-hate relationship with The Hobbit. Even with that, and not being overly fanatical (compared to my fannish habits, drawing stuff like I've been doing, I mean), he has considered Thorin to be his favorite character since then. Awwww. :)

Let's just say I don't like being told what to do, will do the opposite to make a point (maybe I am a dwarf at heart), and loudly yell "Get off mah mountain!" when cornered. ;)  That's the book-version, anyway... mental illness for the movie-version and understanding inner conflict and not trusting certain sorts. Interestingly, I did not cry at his death scene, but bawled my head off during the "golden floor/recovery" scene. That one hit way too close to home for me. Poor dwarf.

And oh yes! Very good to share in my case or else my husband might get jealous of all these drawings of Thorin all over the place. It's his fault -- he's tried to make me a fan of dwarves since we've known each other (I held out and focused on elves). He got his wish, eh? Ha! He adores Thorin too, so it's all good. :)

It's been fun chatting with you, thanks! :D
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I can see your reasoning with that! Seeing something as flawless is usually just blind fanaticism (and I'm not saying I am above that in every regard), but seeing flaws in something you like and just letting them nuance the overall picture? Thats love. It can be all the cheese in the world, doesn't have to be less true :) If that is a correct statement, I suppose that means I love both the books and the movies, but is a little more fanatical book-wise ;)

Hehe, yeah that would make you if not soulmates then at least siblings-in-arms :D Not sure who I would relate more to in the Hobbit....maybe movie-Ori :D I did like the "golden floor/recovery" scene a lot! His redemption is much more toned-down in the book...on the other hand, his death scene is a lot better....I liked the movie far too little by that point to cry about anything :P Even if I thought Thorin was one of the few things left to like.

I'd say there are worse things to get jealous of :D does he draw too? Good for him to turn you like that! He must have used some elvish spell or something. But if you have some material on elves I would love to see that too :O

Thanks, you too! Fellow fans are always fun to talk to!
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Good points, yes! :D  And I guess I would have to say with my history of this story (I went in totally unknowing... I knew there were dwarves, a dragon, and a few characters I'd recognize from LOTR -- watched AUJ, immediately read everything I could find on the Internet regarding Thorin, then read The Hobbit, then saw the last two movies), I will probably be a little more movie-leaning in my love of it. For various reasons... Richard's portrayal, my introduction to the story, meeting some great friends who were also into the movies, then I started drawing again... yes, I'll probably always have a slightly stronger attachment to the movies, despite the flaws that bugged me :)

Aww, movie-Ori. It was fun watching his character evolve. :)  And the battle-charge -- even if he wasn't wearing the golden armor, we did at least get that. A good dwarven moment, seeing them charging in and changing the tone a bit. :) 

No, my husband (Christopher) doesn't draw. He is a writer though. So perhaps The Hobbit did, in a way, inspire him very early on with storytelling. :) He reminds me of a dwarf in some ways (he's tall, but dwarf-built... his legs are actually a little shorter than they should be too heheh!). Actually.... he sometimes models for me depending which dwarf I'm drawing... this is him:…

He'll usually pose for Thror, Thrain, Gloin... and I'll usually pose for Thorin, Fili, etc if I even need a photo reference for a pose (I didn't use one on my most recent Thorin/Dragon Sickness drawing). So in some ways he does help me with my art! :D
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I was very disappointed that birds didn't get the attention I'd hoped they would (I love birds). At least we did see ravens... I was very worried they'd just be designs and not show up in any way otherwise.

I'd like to draw LotR some day, but I'll probably focus on The Silmarillion first once I've gotten a bit tired of The Hobbit. I had started reading it this summer (not so much reading, as slowly studying it section by section and pondering how I'd draw things.... I need to get back to that soon, in fact). :) Thanks so much!
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Yes, we have to be grateful for the little things I guess...maybe there are more of them in the extended edition?
Yes, Silmarillion! Please make it happen! Much good dwarf-material there :D
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Ohhhh, we can hope! (but hopefully not get our hopes too high, as it may not be enough of them still.)

And yes! Dwarves... ahhhh -- gotta love them! :)
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O believe me, after BotFA my hopes and expectations are not as high as they were :/

Haha, what's not to love? I wish Dain had been given a bit more screentime, because damn he was fun to watch! Tolkien and Jackson went in quite different directions with dwarves, but I mut say I love both versions.
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Yes, many of us were a little let down. I will say that although AUJ and DOS were not as disappointing, I preferred their EE versions, so here's hoping some of that sting fades...

There were some characters that felt too flat in the book for me and my husband (he's hated those aspects since childhood), and while some of Jackson's attempts to fill in a little felt a bit cliche or awkward, I found myself at least sympathizing a little more with them while watching the movie (I'm such a backwards Hobbit fan, not at all a fan of Bard or Bilbo, and I wanted to slap Gandalf in the book for his weird -- to me -- behavior LOL! It's been a little while since I've read it... I should re-read to see if those parts still annoy me). Although interestingly, I also hope to see a little better characterization of Thranduil for the last chunk. His ending was too... weird... in the movie. I'm hoping it was just wonky theatrical edits (and too much focus on Leggy and LOTR foreshadowing) that made his story so... odd.
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True that. I often wonder how it would have been if del Toro had stayed on the project...He has a better idea of children's stories.

I found a lot of wierdness in the endings, to be sure! Bilbo's was ok, but the elves' was all warped by that utter trainwreck of a love-story - and the Aragorn reference? What was that about? They tried to squeeze in way too much there. I just got the sense that everyone involved just got dog tired and wanted it to end as quick as possible - Jackson above all :p
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I'm not as familiar with del Toro's work, so I'm honestly not sure how it might have been (I am an awful movie-goer... so behind on a lot of the things I normally would see.. ack!).

It was one big pile of rush and "didn't you forget something... or somethingsssss?" mess. :(  My mother-in-law went to see it with us (the others, she waited until it was on DVD... we saw BotFA first, then took her for our 2nd viewing). She has never seen LotR, and only knew what we'd been babbling about regarding the book and our thoughts on AUJ and DOS. She seemed able to follow along well enough, but I was very worried she'd end up hating it because of the "crammed so much weirdness in there" stuff going on. She actually enjoyed BotFA, but I think a lot of it was because of some of the character interactions (especially Thorin's sickness/recovery and Bilbo's interactions with him). It was also her first modern 3D movie, so she had fun with that aspect. And she had a little crush on Bard. LOL!

I do have to say that even with me not being as big a Bilbo/hobbit fan,  I was left wishing there'd been just a little more of him. At least something between "bye everyone" and "ahhh... home sweet home..."  But I guess his was the least annoyingly rushed, perhaps. But yes... the things you mentioned... ugh! I am hoping those are smoothed out just a bit more, or at least we're given a bit more of what we should have had (Beorn, funeral, coronation... poor Dain, Thranduil closure possibly?). We will see.... *crosses fingers*
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