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milk pour
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This is the greatest image of all time it reminds me of a time when me and the boys would go out for a pint of milk when all of a sudden Bill Clinton would jump us for our lunch money but then he got arrested after it was found out that he killed Jeffery Epstein but then it wasn't Jeffery Epstein it was actually his clone and the real Epstein was hanging out with Prince Andrew who was sweating profusing because Epstein really was hanging and the boogeyman that is Bill would soon come and hang him.

Good Times.

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FeeferdenHobbyist General Artist
friend why are you making me drink milk
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FeeferdenHobbyist General Artist
but why
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you are too small
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FeeferdenHobbyist General Artist
i am plenty tall
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no you are small

you gotta build up those muscles small human
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FeeferdenHobbyist General Artist
i do not require muscles
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Congratulations for this wonderful photo!

It's exactly what I'm looking for at the moment and I would love to use it for an article on my blog.
Of course, only if you are agree with it. This is my blog and if I hear anything more from you, I hope that's okay with you. :-)


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SuzdariffeHobbyist Photographer
May I use this photo in my food blog?
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MILK:Good for hot chocolate,ice cream,pudding,and cereal!
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lugia61617Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm so desperate for milk on my cereal I'm looking at dA pictures of it...wow I'm thirsty.
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RebecahRayeProfessional Traditional Artist
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narutard1011Hobbyist General Artist
ewwwww.....nice picture though!~
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dhh98Hobbyist Artist
F&%# YEA, MILK!!!!!!!!!!!1
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cool :D sorry, which camera do you use?
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Mmmm...I love milk :D Better than coffee, better than tea! Milk gets me going every morning!

Now, on to the actual picture...

The contrast here is amazing! The motion is really great, too. I can really see the milk pouring out and spilling everywhere! Great picture, such skill!
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Baby-FerbHobbyist General Artist
*drools* Milk..............
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awesome pic...! im designing a website for a non-profit org about healthy stuff.. can i use this picture?
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