Favorite drink / beverage
2289 votes
:milk: Water, Milk
:beer: Beer, Wine, Spirits
:pepsi: Pop/Soda/Cola, Energy Drink, Iced Tea
:orange: Fruit Juice, Smoothie
:tea: Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate

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Diet A&W and Chocolate Milk
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Coffee and Soda's virtually equal, but my Coffee's typically doctored up so much it'd probably pass more as soda than coffee anyway. :XD:
Ameme-Jones's avatar
oh my goodness COFFEE :iconyayzplz:
Frubban's avatar
Dr. Pepper!! :la:

Tea would be my second choice...
orangecloudsraining's avatar
tea, tea, tea. more tea. :la:
DarkKonata's avatar
Vanilla Milkshakes, dood.

I also drink water all the time, but I didn't vote for it ouo
unconventionalsenshi's avatar
coffee and water!!!! Coffee gives me kick and water keeps me going :la:

It's amazing though how many picked soft drinks. It's scary I guess... And a bit threatening too. (*_* though I know coffee isn't exactly safe either)
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chocolate milk...
Or even strawberry. You don't know me, btw.
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Water/milk- CHYEAAHH XD
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To the select few that chose wine/beer/spirits, I raise my beer mug to you-> :beer: lol just drink responsibly ;)
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iced sweet tea, soda, milk, water, orange juice, energy drinks :| DON'T MAKE ME CHOOSE! coz IDK D:
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McDonald's Sweet Tea and Pumpkin Spice Latte all the way! :woohoo:
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Virgil's root beer. :iconyummyplz:
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COFFEE!! Mmmmm....caramel macchiato....

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Anyone know what "Bubble Tea" would be under?
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fruit juice smoothie.
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Okay, thank you. ^^
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I LOVE MILK!!!! ^^
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Leche (:
Pero por qué pusiste una botella de Absolut en la leche y el agua? xD Bueno, supongo que se parece n_n
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Any herbal tea, or my personal favorite, Cranberry Juice.
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I have a friend that drinks 2 pepsis a day(sometimes 1 or 3)
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soured milk ' V '
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