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I've seen these before so decided to make my own, but with a scrolling background.

Requests closed. Still a whole bunch to do...

done so far:
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Em Quem Jogo De Pokémon Da Para Andar Com o Pokémon Igual Esse Da Imagem?
lukkkas2244's avatar
Legal Adoro Pokémon
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I know you said requests closed, but could you please PLEASE make me one?? I would do it myself if I knew how, honest.. PLEASE?
Celestialic's avatar
I want one TT^TT
DerezzedDragon's avatar
one of these days i will learn how to pixel and animate and when i do.... this will probably be the first thing i do
Pajaroespin's avatar
me puedes hacer uno?
CrystalGreene's avatar
I hope you don't mind I used your style and made one too! What do you think? I'm new to pixel'ing...

CrystalGreene's avatar
oh and feel free to use the pikachu if you need one for an avatar. I got it off bulbapedia and animated it myself.
Dawnsknight's avatar
dude, I'm loving your stuff!
mxmx's avatar
You're probably VERY talented...
Sapphire-Arkenstone's avatar
I love it! Amazing stuff! I love Victini too!
pongojam's avatar
:O wonderful, as your usual :clap:
Ikari-Uchiha's avatar
Woot. That'd be so awesome to have one of those. :'D

I'll just need to get a reference. I'll note you. You're such an awesome person. :'D
Viv-Leoni's avatar
Very funny, i love them! :D
But if you give'em for free you'll end up crazy for the overwork... :faint:
3Ninja's avatar
all man that looks nice
Krigsy's avatar

With a scizor. Many thanks in advance ^0^
Grimm-Lupe's avatar
Yay! And for free? :?
cezkid's avatar
yeah the list is long..
Grimm-Lupe's avatar
Heh, that's what happens when you're good and you offer free works. ;) Good luck with your list.
CandyGod's avatar
Uwaah this are so cool c:
KingCheddarXVII's avatar
Awesome. Very simple, great concept.
AlexVulpix's avatar
awesome...did you make that victini (or whatever its name is) sprite yourself?
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