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Defend the Sky

A little late, but hope to at-least make it to the top 100. If you voted thank you!
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Nice One! Good design! +vote and +fav
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NIce you got my cote xD, check out mines too ^^
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Sure, I'd wear it!
Can u have a look at mine too?:
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Dude you are all about innovation. I'am always impressed.
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A new look to a classic game. Nice!

Have a look at my hoodie, Dark Arena: Fella VS Llama [link] Vote! If you like it.
DreamON-Mpak's avatar
Interesting idea and realization .. i like it !
if you have time check mine [link] =^.^=

Also, check this guy's entry out, it's freakin amazing!!!!

:new: [link] :new:
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Voted! It's actually really cool!!! I really like it!
Check out my design... vote back? xxx
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wow so cool, i wear a lot black and white so.. id wear this!!
i like a lot the monster! check my design if you have time!
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this is really cool I'd wear it.
Could you please check out mine too?
llamas are awesome ----->[link]
king llama ----->[link]
Super llama ----->[link]
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Reminds me of shmups from old Nokia phone. Really diggin' the monster design!
Voted! : D

If you have time, I recommend checking my hoodie design entry.
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Oh, cool! Good luck getting in! :)
chubbychic24's avatar
I voted.. Please ckeck out mine and vote for them if you like.. Thanks!
marecaca's avatar
yeah!! i voted!

look my desings!

InnerBeauty91's avatar
it's simple, but really nice ^^
Ohnhai's avatar
this is cool.. not to many have opted for single colour (and made it work)

Tw1gs's avatar
So brilliant man! Dunno why I never thought of that lol
Well done! Voted!
Mind checking out mine? [link]
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This one seems interesting, but just not something for me. Good luck in the competition! Obviously there are plenty out there that see it as something that they'd love to show off :)
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This is cool. Reminds me of Master Blaster on the NES. Great game and great shirt.
theDisappointment's avatar
voted! really nice work!
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Thats the coolest design, i've seen so far!! You got my vote!
Pls check out my work and vote if you like it [link]

Thank you and good luck :)
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Nice design. Check out mine if you could [link]
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