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Bikini Bottom Pokemon Gym

Finally finished!!!
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My nightmares had come alive 😨
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Interesting, Patchy the Pirate as a Gym Leader with SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward in his team; the only other characters that seem to be missing are Gary, Sandy, Plankton and Mr. Krabs.

This is pretty good.
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Saywhaaat?? This is awesome!
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patrick = kadabra

spongebob = mr.mime

sqidward = cradiliy
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Awww I love this drawing is fascinating, and combined Patchy and Pokemon is great, a fantastic idea do you have any drawing Patchy alone? I hope your answer and congratulations <3
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Okay. Wow, this is cool.
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omfg xD so cool
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My friend loves your pic
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SpongeBob used bubble! It's super effective!
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this will be the hardest gym leader in all of history... :D
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Squidgrammar. :3
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Hard battle it's coming
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pikachu uses underwater thunderbolt-shocks everyone-
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more epic than I ever could have imagined.
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Sponebob is got no pants on that version...

so nice xD patrick had no pants too.. lol

and squidward was awesome so big :DD!!
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That is just stupid. Only idiots like this. Plus its mean to me since I LOVE Pokemon, and I HATE spongebob.
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