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World Of Minecraft Wallpaper

By CezarisLT
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So finally, got the time to create what i always wanted, a minecraft wallpaper for you guys. It has the simple style that people really like and a lot of detail witch was also what i was aiming for this wallpaper. We love you Notch and we hope you keep updating the game, its really great. Please download the zip file witch include the wallpaper and addition edited version witch you may like also.

    Resolution's / Info:

      → Will work with any Monitor, It's 2560x1600.

      → Use Picture Position "FILL" for best use in win 7 / Vista

      Download the Zip file, witch includes full size wallpapers.

      → The Download File includes 2 Other version you might like, check it out.

    Dont forget to comment, rate and favourite if you like it. :pat:

    Thank you and Enjoy

    Please, Do NOT release/distribute modified versions of my work without my permission.

© 2011 - 2020 CezarisLT
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This reminds me of a spiral knights background
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Any chance you might make one with the flare but without the text?
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fake its not minecraft ...
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It's minecraft, an older version but its 100% minecraft, edited into a sphere using external tools :)
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Nice, is that world in beta 1.7.3?
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World Cuvature Shader? It looks like it. I love GLSL.
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Sidenote: Impressive work.
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can you do a tut for how to make this plz and thanks or just tell us how to make it and i love it lol
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awesome nice wllppr...
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i really like the one with the sun coming over the world in the top right
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Thanks, that my favourite version as-well.
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WHAT!? theres NO zip file anywhere! how do I download it!
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It's at the top right corner.

Try this: Download File
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That's so cool...
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Heh, that's how mario would play minecraft.
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Hey, where do you download? I don't see a link...
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Wow that a first, the a button on the right top side.

Try this: Download File

Sometimes add-block software block the download link so make sure to try disabling it.
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Can you tell me how you did that?
I want to re-create this with my own world.
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ok i know how to do this and i have one like in on my profile but how did u get the world in the day time and still have stars at the same time?
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wow this is cool as ^.^ im using the 1st one
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The world of Minecraft is a cube.
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Actually, since you never actually find one of the corners, its eather round or flat
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