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Tall Ships

By cez-metal
Inspired by the Haunting Show of Hands Song Tall Ships

Used four pieces of stock art which are as follows

Tall Ship [link]
Storm [link]
Spray 1 [link]
Spray 2 [link]

Give us a wreck or two good Lord
For winter on this coast is hard
The grey frost creeps like mortal sin
There’s no food in the larder no bread in the bin
One rich wreck is all we pray
Busted abroad at brake of day
Broken and splintered upon the reef
With food and stores to calm our grief
Lord of Rock and Tide and Sky
Heed our call hark to our cry
Bread by the bag beef by the cask
Food for poor hearts that’s all we ask

On the skyline the tall ships sail by
Bound for London their decks piled high
Fruits of warmer lands
Passing through our hands
So we look for a storm in the sky

There’s a Lighthouse a mile from the shore
That the storm weary sailors search for
When the wind and rain
Bring their gales again
Oh it won’t shine for them anymore
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Could I license this design for a T-Shirt?
cez-metal's avatar
Give me a link to some of your other work, tell me exactly how you want to use it and give me a bit of info about yourself and I'll get back to you.
KyokoandKagra's avatar
Absolutely beautiful. I've always had a love for these ships <3 ~Kagra
cez-metal's avatar
Yeah they are pretty amazing pieces of technology. A bit of an old image now though... maybe I should have another go at it one day if I can find the .psd
lledrub's avatar
Thank you for the use of your image,
You will find how I used it
Arsenica-stock's avatar
Great work, it's pretty realistic :)
the-boggyb's avatar
Works well with the song, though the lighting on the ship seems wrong (then again, this sort of composition isn't easy).
cez-metal's avatar
I tried mucking around with the lighting, i'm going to come back to it, your right it needs to be darker, and come from behind i think
cez-metal's avatar
I have changed the lighting on the ship now, and i have changed the angle of the waves, still not sure about it.
the-boggyb's avatar
I'm using this as a avatar/userpic in a few places. Hope you don't mind.

(on a related note, it looks suprisingly good resampled down to 100x100 and then sharpened a bit)
cez-metal's avatar
sounds good, enjoy
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