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Gosh! It's been just over two years since I last posted a journal entry! And oddly enough it was for my Etsy store... It's not that nothing has been going on since then, it's just that nearly all of the personal art that I have been working on is all related to top secret projects (I know... Wow! So drama! Such mystery!). And these super secret projects will (at least one of them) hopefully be coming to life here very soon and I'm super excited to share it with all of you!

In the meantime, I found a bit of inspiration in making portrait illustrations of classic entertainers. I've posted up three so far here on DA: Billie, Mia, and Audrey, and plan to do a bunch more. If anyone is interested in getting prints or other fun knick-knacks like mugs or iPhone cases, hop on over to my shop on Society6 and take a peek!…

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Hey everyone!

I'm excited to say that I have opened a print shop:!

There are brand new prints for a couple Christmas/Holiday cards and my girls and pets series available as prints.

I'll be adding more to the store, and if you don't see a print of something you would like to have printed, please let me know!  

Link to the shop>>>…

Thanks so much!!

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With the help of Ryan, :iconfrogbillgo: my amazing boyfriend, I now have a new version of my website up and running on!

It's been a busy week getting my portfolio revamped, but it's all up and ready to go!

So check it out if you feel like it :)

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We just got back from Seattle last night.  It was a lot of fun for our first table at a convention!  The only disappointing part about having a table is not being able to walk around much to see *other* tables.  But it was great getting to meet some awesome fellow artists and comic fans!  Ryan :iconfrogbillgo:and I were lucky enough to be seated three tables down from Scott Campbell (Scott C.) and down the aisle from our buddy Sean (cheeks77) Galloway :iconcheeks-74:and comic artist Ryan Benjamin :iconryanbnjmn: who we were lucky enough to get to meet this weekend.  Another big perk was getting to meet artist Brittney Lee who totally inspires me to try different coloring techniques and drawing different shapes.  We bought a couple prints from her and she was super sweet and lovely.  

Stupidly, before the convention, our printer ran out of ink, and even though we had ordered double the ink cartridges from Epson and they failed to put in FOUR CARTRIDGES of two different colors, meaning that when we ran out of Light, Light Black, we should have had two more cartridges to refill it, and instead had zero.  If Light Black had run out as well, we would have had zero of that as well from Epson.  The cruddy part is that no where in the city of San Francisco, does any store sell the inks for this particular large-format printer.  The closest would be Fry's in Palo Alto or Oakland...

SO - with that we were unable to print business cards, and completely spaced on making more until Saturday.  I ended up having to just hand write a bunch out, so hopefully, if you're one of the people who picked one up, thank you for keeping my hand-made card and finding my deviantArt page!  You are truly awesome.


If you were one of the people who were too shy, or just out of cash to pick up one of the prints and still want to buy something - Ryan and I will be uploading prints to my Etsy Store tonight, so check the store tomorrow and there should be some available to purchase :)


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Exciting news!  

In March, Ryan :iconfrogbillgo: and I will be going to Emerald City Comicon!  This is super exciting for me because I've never had a table at a convention before.  We'll be selling prints and Ryan will *hopefully* be selling something else, which I won't announce just yet.  I'm also happy to be going because Washington is my home-state and I will jump on any chance to go there.

If you'll be going to the convention be sure to stop by and say hi to us!

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So here I am.  Hello deviantART world!

Let's start off running...

From October until March I didn't feel like drawing anything.  Nothing.  I know that we're all visited by the "uninspired demons" sometimes, but I really feel like this was more than that.  Anyways, I've finally shaken that mood and felt artistic again, and I can't begin to express how good it feels to *want* to draw.  I suppose that would be the reason that I've finally popped up on DA (you have no idea how many years my sister, Tiffany, has been pestering me to join!

Well here I am.  

Let's see what trouble I can get into.