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Frozen prison by BloodSuccubus
Mature content
Frozen prison :iconbloodsuccubus:BloodSuccubus 30 3
A Small New World- School Days part III by butre3004 A Small New World- School Days part III :iconbutre3004:butre3004 42 9 Ice planet barbarians * Ruby Dixon characters by PicturePerfectComics Ice planet barbarians * Ruby Dixon characters :iconpictureperfectcomics:PicturePerfectComics 13 9 Snuggles... by october-ink Snuggles... :iconoctober-ink:october-ink 55 9 Thank You- Gt Spotlight #1 by october-ink Thank You- Gt Spotlight #1 :iconoctober-ink:october-ink 87 17 Sweet Dreams by october-ink Sweet Dreams :iconoctober-ink:october-ink 48 10 Not So Brave Now... by october-ink Not So Brave Now... :iconoctober-ink:october-ink 60 14 Hey, there... by october-ink Hey, there... :iconoctober-ink:october-ink 38 4 GT Snapchat Group - Loud Spouses by Pr-fae GT Snapchat Group - Loud Spouses :iconpr-fae:Pr-fae 85 7 Autumn by SosinSoup Autumn :iconsosinsoup:SosinSoup 225 25 Lip Balm by WaterLemonade Lip Balm :iconwaterlemonade:WaterLemonade 45 12 Time for bed by WaterLemonade Time for bed :iconwaterlemonade:WaterLemonade 24 4 Gazing Into Her Eyes by WaterLemonade Gazing Into Her Eyes :iconwaterlemonade:WaterLemonade 64 16 Trepidation by KitnUnderfoot Trepidation :iconkitnunderfoot:KitnUnderfoot 48 5 Unaware Interview Crush - Close Up by GiantTegra
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Unaware Interview Crush - Close Up :icongianttegra:GiantTegra 10 2
Unaware Interview Crush by GiantTegra
Mature content
Unaware Interview Crush :icongianttegra:GiantTegra 10 2

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Tired but alive by cewilson5 Tired but alive :iconcewilson5:cewilson5 7 11
For Your Protection: Chapter Ten
Piper was just finishing up a song when she noticed a head in the crowd which was much higher than the rest.  She remembered seeing him earlier in the week and she knew that she should remember who he was but as she hummed the last chords and closed her eyes she was drawing a blank.  So many people had been coming to watch her lately and her face was showing up more and more on
And then her eyes shot open as she remembered.
The guy with the Assist.
The Assist who sounded like Allie.
“We’re gonna take a quick break,” she said to the crowd after the music closed out.  Those in the crowd nodded their heads and retreated to the nearest building for some warmth from the late winter/early spring air.
Her cellist looked at her strangely.  “You doin alright, Pipes?” he asked.
“Yeah, Charlie,” she said as she swiped her hair into a sloppy clam which rested on the top of her head.
“We don’t usually take
:iconcewilson5:cewilson5 9 4
For Your Protection: Chapter Nine
“Your lover boy’s coming up the street,” Shaw said with a grin as she looked out the window the next day on a lazy Thursday early afternoon.
“Very funny,” Airyn said.  “And he’s not my lover boy.”
“Whoever he is or was, that guy from before with the Assist is coming up the street…Assist free.”
“Really?” she asked and walked up to her lavender haired friend.  Her face changed slightly when she realized that she was right.  “He must be off today.”
“No sloppy suit today,” Shaw snickered.  “Maybe you were wrong about him?”
“Maybe…” Airyn mused.
The door swung up and Shane burst inside.  “Airyn, do you know if that Piper girl is performing today?”
“Well hi and hello to you, too,” Airyn said, visibly deflating.  Why did she ever listen to Shaw?
“Hi,” Shane said shortly.  “Do you have an
:iconcewilson5:cewilson5 6 0
First Horror Novella Releases July 10th! by cewilson5 First Horror Novella Releases July 10th! :iconcewilson5:cewilson5 5 0
For Your Protection: Chapter Eight
“I’m exhausted,” Shane muttered at the end of Wednesday’s work day.  From the being carted around all over the city to meeting with people and picking up more junk than he thought was unnecessary he was worn out.
“Exhausted from what?” Lux asked as they sat in Davis’ office waiting for him to show up to go through the final rundown since Shane would only be working a half day tomorrow.  “It is not like you had to do much.”
“I had to deal with you,” Shane joked.  When she didn’t answer he lifted up his head to see her standing on the desk looking…not indifferent.  “Lux, I’m kidding.  These things would be a nightmare if it wasn’t for you.”
“I do not do anything special,” she said as she started to walk around the surface of the desk.  Shane attention was held captive as she strolled around.  Everything looked so different in her world and i
:iconcewilson5:cewilson5 9 4
For Your Protection: Chapter Seven
“So how was your first day?” Shane’s mother asked once her son had finally arrived home.  It was a little after four but she supposed with city traffic and it being his first day that it was to be expected.  “I’m assuming you got the job?”
“Sure did,” Shane said with a wide smile as he stooped slightly to enter through the front door.  His mother promptly shut the door.  This wasn’t exactly the part of the neighborhood where you wanted your front door hanging open at night.  He glanced over his shoulder at the sleekly wrapped package hanging from it.  “This is just one of the many gifts I received today.”
“Gifts?” his little sister Naomi chirped from the hallway.  The girl seriously had an eye and an ear when it came to free stuff.  “Anything good?”
“I think you’re asking if there’s anything for you,” Shane said with a smile as he sau
:iconcewilson5:cewilson5 9 1
For Your Protection: Chapter Six
Amazing.  That’s all that Shane could think as he listened to the girl singing outside.  It was no wonder that no one in the diner wanted her to leave with her group because honestly?  She was helping bring in more business.  Several people who walked past took one look and one listen and strolled into the diner to hear her.  Even Lux seemed to be caught up in the moment, watching the dark haired girl sway her hips and throw back her long hair along with the music.
“She’s good, isn’t she?” Shane asked her in a soft voice, almost not wanting to spoil the moment for either of them.  Lux nodded in response but never took her attention away from the singer.  For an Assist, Lux really did seem to appreciate music as much as she claimed to.  He could see her head bobbing and her eyes going from the singer to the drummer and even the strings players.  “Amazing voice,” he said.  “It reminds me of
:iconcewilson5:cewilson5 9 7
Just Me. :-) by cewilson5 Just Me. :-) :iconcewilson5:cewilson5 10 17
For Your Protection: Chapter Five
Shane didn’t believe her.  Surprise wasn’t something Assists felt very often but even if they could, Lux knew she wouldn’t be when Shane blew off her answer about why she was so important to Lotus.  He couldn’t even consider it.  Despite his temper tantrum in the men’s clothing store, he still thought Lux could be nothing more than a machine – a collection of scrap, wires, and metals.  It was hard to face but not surprising.
She remembered how Garrett first reacted to her in general.  Come to remember it, Garrett had also been reluctant to see her as a machine when he was brought in to be Lotus’ personal bodyguard but he still didn’t like to think that Lux was Lotus’ voice.  He basically laughed the whole thing off until he heard Lotus sing acapella without assistance.
But he said from the beginning that he was never going to see her as a machine.
Lux supposed that Shane wasn’t that much different
:iconcewilson5:cewilson5 9 5
For Your Protection: Chapter Four
“What are you waiting for?” Davis asked with a slight bit of impatience.  “You need to get going.”
“But…what…what am I supposed to do?” Shane asked as he looked down at her.  Despite the fact that he was constantly telling himself Lux was nothing more than a computer he simply couldn’t bring himself to just pluck her up like he would a cell-phone or tablet.  Everything about her was just too human for him to understand.  His eyes looked over her hands and her limbs and her hair and her face…even the tiniest details like the freckles.  It was too much.
“It is not a big deal,” Lux said as she walked closer to the edge of the desk.  “Go on, now.”
“R-right,” Shane said.  He pulled his hand away from his side and started to reach for her.
“Not like that,” Davis said.  “Look, just pay attention…” he trailed off as he walked up t
:iconcewilson5:cewilson5 13 11
For Your Protection: Chapter Three
If Assists could show anger in a more human way, Davis was sure Shane wouldn’t be smiling after looking over at Lux.  She looked positively livid – for a computer – which unfortunately didn’t always translate to people who weren’t around Assists very often.  He supposed that ‘ignorant poor kid’ would have described him best so though the kid burst out into a nervous chuckle, Davis remained stoic until the Shane composed himself.
“Are you finished?” Davis asked him.
“Y-yes I am,” Shane said as his hazel eyes danced between Davis and Lux.  “But…you weren’t serious, were you?”
“As serious as a heart attack…” Lux said, “…for a human anyway.”
“You…but you’re…”
“I am an Assist,” Lux said again.  “Is something unclear about that fact?”
“Well, no I—”
“Have you never seen an
:iconcewilson5:cewilson5 15 2
For Your Protection: Chapter Two
Shane Pearson was late for his second job interview.  As he raced around his house in an absolute panic he almost trampled right over his little sister who was getting ready for school.
“Watch it,” she hissed as only a 7th grader could.  “Where are you going dressed like that?” she asked as she took him in.  “You trying out for 50 Shades?”
“Ha ha ha…I don’t even know what the hell that is,” Shane said as he stood in front of his mirror.  “The guy said to come in a suit and tie.  It’s not like I picked it out.”
“The sleeves are too short,” she said as she walked up and tugged on the jacket.  “They’re supposed to reach down to your hands, aren’t they?  I mean I don’t know a whole lot about suits, but something tells me—”
“This was all I had,” Shane said as he glanced down.  Dammit, she was right though.
:iconcewilson5:cewilson5 18 11
For Your Protection: Chapter One
“I do not require a bodyguard,” a soft-faced beauty said to the man leaning over on his desk.  “I am an Assist.  I can take care of myself.”  The dark-haired woman frowned when the man across from her smirked and settled back in his chair, leather crinkling against leather.  His sharp eyes remained focused as he took in the small female Assist who only stood in front of him on his desk – just shy of eight inches tall.
“I think you’re wrong about that, Lux,” he answered as the smirk never left his features.  
“I am not wrong—”
He reached out and rubbed the dark stubble on his sharp chin and kept his dark brown eyes focused on the girl in front of him.  “Assist or not, we need to be careful of how we deal with you—”
“Deal with me?” the Assist snapped.  “If you have such a problem with me and worrying about me, how about you consider putting me in a larg
:iconcewilson5:cewilson5 33 5
Free G/t Book! by cewilson5 Free G/t Book! :iconcewilson5:cewilson5 3 0 Photoshopping Rainbow Hair! by cewilson5 Photoshopping Rainbow Hair! :iconcewilson5:cewilson5 7 4 What I look like now... by cewilson5 What I look like now... :iconcewilson5:cewilson5 9 25

Anyone Love Parks and recreation?

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 3, 2018, 11:43 AM

Anyone out there love the show Parks and Recreation? I am thinking about writing a gt story based off these characters and this world and am looking for someone who is familiar with the show. It will start around the end of season 2/beginning of season 3 when Adam Scott and Rob Lowe show up. Leslie is a tiny who is joining the parks department to add diversity to a department that is giant heavy so they can transition to what will be known as the co-ed parks and recreation department.  Basically organizing events so both races can interact together. Leslie is a tiny and so is Ann. Everyone else is a giant... except for Rob Lowe's character which is still up in the air. It will run pretty close to the show with some necessary twists and turns to accommodate the gt. If wanting more details please let me know.  😀

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So it really is funny that I stumbled upon this website. It's so great to know that I'm not the only one who enjoys G/T movies and G/T writing. :-) I hope that people enjoy my stories because I really do enjoy writing and getting feedback.

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Who is your favorite character on the show, "Parks and Recreation"? 

15 deviants said Ron Swanson
14 deviants said Andy Dwyer
8 deviants said April Ludgate
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3 deviants said Leslie Knope
3 deviants said Other (Please share!)
1 deviant said Ann Perkins
1 deviant said Chris Traeger
No deviants said Tom Haverford

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