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[Sketch_Request] Batch 2

Headshot sketch request part 2 for~:

#1 TheFrizzyKitten (top right) her OC, Amaiya aka. Amy~

#2 hellkitty112 (bottom left) her cute <3 OC, Aino Erufu

#3 Chicken-Yuki (top left) his awesome OC~ <3

#4 EuphieBritania (bottom right) Eupie-chan's OC, Clyff Ayale~

thank u for all of u who requested me~! ^3^ I luv drawing other artists' creative OCs~! <3
For anyone who likes my art and want a sketch request, CHECK out my journal~~! ^^…
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Eeeeppp! They all look awesome~! Love how you shade them, the lineart, and I seriously love how you do the face [like the eyes, mouth, nose, expression]
They all just look wow!

hasjkhdkjas eeeeppp! Gomen I only opened now~/cries
but flip! Clyff looks amazing!!! I can't even draw him that awesomely!
Can I make this my icon ?? I just love this to bits
Ceviya's avatar
hehe~ thank u sooooo much~!!! :iconblushplz:
i'm seriously sooo glad u luv it~~!!! <3 it was sooo fun drawing Clyff! ^3^
and yea~ of course, u can make it ur icon~!!! :icononiwhistle:
Eu-saama's avatar
Your very welcome > U <
ashdkjfhjkdf I'm so happy you enjoyed drawing him
Thanks again a million times [oh and I'm open for the trade anytime now :3 finished up two things in my to-do]

xDD yey!
Ceviya's avatar
asjdf;klajk~!!! seriously~!? yeshhhhh~~~! <3
(just send me a note~ with which charas u want me to draw~)
hehe~ so excited~! <3 :iconblushplz:
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#2 is my favorite Heart Adorable Heart 
Ceviya's avatar
aww, thank u soo much~! >w<#
PhunkyMnkCreations's avatar
Defective-D0G's avatar
Ahh! I love it ;u; Thank you so much
Ceviya's avatar
Ur soo welcome~! Glad u luv it~ >w<#
Pastelli-kiwi's avatar
omg I love it , how cute Aino looks >w<
Thanks a ton <3
Ceviya's avatar
Ur soo welcome~! <3
had tons of fun drawing Aino~! her character design is sooo cute~ >w<#
thx soo much for the request~ ^3^
Pastelli-kiwi's avatar
omg thankies again ;;A;; <33 //huggu :iconsupertighthugplz:
it was my pleasure~ <3
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