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Jessica - Style meme

Character  Jess


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I tried to draw Jessica in the same clothes and pose in every style. So it is really the style that changes not just the accessory.

:pointr: Normal:
my style, nothing more to say ^^

:pointr: Invader Zim:
Some parents from the parent teacher night
I love that style it was difficult to draw but a lot of fun. Once I figured out how to do a curvy woman, I finished this pretty fast.

:pointr: Kim Possible:
Kim and Shego
This one was the easiest of all. I strated and almost the same moment she was done. The style is so easy and still looks special. I like it. =)

:pointr: Gorillaz:
2D and teenage Noodle
That was very hard. I searched for references but just could not find any curvy women. Only in the feel good video, but when I drew her like this it was not recognizable as Gorillaz style. Also tank girl looks pretty different I think. Therefore I decided that Jess has to relinquish her sex appeal.

:pointr: South Park:
Some people of a crowd
That one was easy, but it took me a lot of time to remove all my pencil lines, with them it just looked not right. ^^

:pointr: Peanuts:
I do not like that style so much, but it was so easy. I loved drawing her like this, but I am not happy that she is a kid - but there are no adults in this series - right? o_O

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who knows how the peanuts kids were created if there arent any adults...*shiver* aaaaaaaa conspiricys D: