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Jessica - Style meme

Character  Jess
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I tried to draw Jessica in the same clothes and pose in every style. So it is really the style that changes not just the accessory.

:pointr: Normal:
my style, nothing more to say ^^

:pointr: Invader Zim:
Some parents from the parent teacher night
I love that style it was difficult to draw but a lot of fun. Once I figured out how to do a curvy woman, I finished this pretty fast.

:pointr: Kim Possible:
Kim and Shego
This one was the easiest of all. I strated and almost the same moment she was done. The style is so easy and still looks special. I like it. =)

:pointr: Gorillaz:
2D and teenage Noodle
That was very hard. I searched for references but just could not find any curvy women. Only in the feel good video, but when I drew her like this it was not recognizable as Gorillaz style. Also tank girl looks pretty different I think. Therefore I decided that Jess has to relinquish her sex appeal.

:pointr: South Park:
Some people of a crowd
That one was easy, but it took me a lot of time to remove all my pencil lines, with them it just looked not right. ^^

:pointr: Peanuts:
I do not like that style so much, but it was so easy. I loved drawing her like this, but I am not happy that she is a kid - but there are no adults in this series - right? o_O

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who knows how the peanuts kids were created if there arent any adults...*shiver* aaaaaaaa conspiricys D:
cevier's avatar
yeah scary I think I've fainted. 
SarthAbyss's avatar
Peanuts version...hehheeheehee.
SarthAbyss's avatar
Gotta love Peanuts.
Cat710's avatar
kim possible all the way
cevier's avatar
lonelymori's avatar
lol oh dear god
this is really awesome! actually aside the original style of yours, I loved Gorillaz and peanuts. Invader Zim it's been ages since I watched that show <X'D I must say, despite you might not like some styles here it is amazing that you changed her in different themes :)
I'll always love the original!
cevier's avatar
thank you so much ^^
it was a really nice experience to try so different style and it was mcuh fun :D
Faustus23's avatar
That's so incredible cool, made my day. And actually I think Gorillaz-Jess is still hot.
cevier's avatar
danke danke ^^
da kommen noch mehr demnächst :D
na ich find sie eher fies und n stück eklig wie gorillaz stil halt is - für mcih zumindest - obwohl cih ihn total mag x)
Faustus23's avatar
Ja, eklig, ranzig, prollig, aber auch ein bisschen, naja, nuttig. Ich mags ;-)
AmitSadik's avatar
this is genius :D
the gorilaz one is the best!
cevier's avatar
thank you ^^
actually i like this one less because jessica is not sexy there - but when drawing her sexy it looked not like gorillaz anymore =(
AmitSadik's avatar
sexy or not, great drawing :)
HevanlyDevilXxXx's avatar
thanks for doing this! It's really great :D
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