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Everchanging By Mini Feru by CetusSantis Everchanging By Mini Feru :iconcetussantis:CetusSantis 19 5
My Little Pony: Curse and Madness. Episode 19
Nineteenth episode:
Mane 7 made their way to Grimyglade.
That was a small town.
Most of it's buildings were made from wood, but some were made like buildings in big cities.
But all town looked old and abandoned.
With each breath ponies could feel that this place is definetely not a center of pony life.
Twilight: Well as far as i can see, we've come to the right place.
Fluttershy: Are you sure, Twilight?
Twilight: Of course i am, i am very good when it comes to find something with a map....and there is a board with town's name.
Near town's entrance was a board with a message: "Welcome to Grimyglade".
It was junk a little, but town's name could be seen correctly.
Starlight: So, we have to find the orphanage, where Honormight lived?
Twilight: Yes, something tells me, that in this place we won't find too much orphanages.
Rainbow Dash: This place looks like it is abandoned, almost abandoned.I
:iconcetussantis:CetusSantis 4 12
My Little Pony: Curse and Madness. Episode 18
Eighteenth episode:
Mane 5 returned to Princess Celestia's castle.
Rainbow Dash: Well...we have returned.
Twilight: Guys, hi, what are you doing here?
Mane 5 turned around.
Twilight, Starlight and Spike came to them.
Rarity: Twilight, Starlight!How are you?
Starlight: Well, fine, i guess..
Twilight: How do you do?You look not really nice...
Rainbow Dash: Well we, ehmm...fine too.
Fluttershy: Twilight, did you find the artifact?
Twilight and Starlight negatively noded their heads.
Rarity: No?
Starlight: Even worse, we found it, but Sin'Kar took it from us.
Rarity: What?
Spike: This is my fault, Sin'Kar captured me and ordered artifact for my life.Twilight and Starlight risked their lives to get it, and they had to give it to him.
Twilight: Do not blame yourself, Spike, you couldn't do anything.
Spike: Yes, this is exactly the case, everytime when it comes to something important
:iconcetussantis:CetusSantis 3 4
My Little Pony: Curse and Madness. Episode 17
Sorry for long delay, got some serious troubles on my work, but now it's fine, so here it is.
Seventeenth episode:
While Twilight and Starlight were searching for the artifact, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Applejack and Fluttershy had another task from Princess Celestia.
Mane 5 made their way to a small village, located to the north-west of Canterlot.
Rainbow Dash: Remind me somepony, why Princess Celestia sent us to this middle of nowhere?
Rarity: This village is not a middle of nowhere, it is just eh...mmm..not the most famous village in Equestria.
Rainbow Dash: So "not the most famous", that nopony of us remember it's name.
Rarity: Of course we remember, it is....alright, we don't remember, but this is not important.Villagers suffer from a rogue, who invades their village and robs everypony.Princess Celestia ordered us to deal with it.
Fluttershy: Maybe it would be better if Prin
:iconcetussantis:CetusSantis 3 7
Fallenlight by CetusSantis Fallenlight :iconcetussantis:CetusSantis 20 9
My Little Pony: Curse and Madness. Episode 16
Sixteenth episode:
Ponies made their way to the ruins.
The field was in front of them.
They took a long breath and jumped in.
Starlight: Oufff...looks like this field affects on us immideately.
Twilight: Yes, uf, we have to hurry.
Starlight: But where should we go?
Twilight: I see something like an entrance to the dilapidated temple up ahead.Let's go there!
Ponies have entered the temple
Twilight: Look, there are symbols on the walls just like one, which was in that cave.I think we are on the right way.
Starlight: I really hope so.
Ponies made their way deep into temple.
They saw a hole on the floor.
They came closer to it and used their horns to light it.
Starlight:'s deep down there..
Twilight: True, but something tells me, that we have to go down.
Starlight: Well, waht are we waiting for?
Ponies jumped into that hole.
Fortunately Twilight got the wings and Starlight can fly w
:iconcetussantis:CetusSantis 1 2
My Little Pony: Curse and Madness. Episode 15
Fifteenth episode:
After a few hours Twilight, Starlight and Spike arrived to a small cave.
Twilight: So this is it?
Starlight: Yes, it is.
Twilight: That isn't look like a sanctuary for a sacred relic to be honest.
Starlight: We seek not for a sanctuary, but for a secret place, which can hold that artifact.
Twilight: Then that place isn't look like a secret place.
Starlight: Twilight, would it be a secret place if everypony could say: "Hey, that cave hold something good for sure"?
Twilight: You've got your point.Let's move out.
All 3 friends came in.
The cave was dark, but Twilight and Starlight used magic to light their way.
Twilight: That cave seems to be not so large, but still we would spend plenty amount of time, before we will find that we came for.
Starlight: You are right, as always.
Spike: Wait.
Twilight: What is it, Spike?
Spike: Do you see that wall, come closer.
Ponies came
:iconcetussantis:CetusSantis 2 3
My Little Pony: Curse and Madness. Episode 14
Fourteenth episode:
Princess's Celestia throne hall.
Princesses Celestia and Luna sit close to each other.
Princesses Cadence and Twilight stood in front of them.
Celestia: Cadence, did Shining Armor see something strange near Canterlot?
Cadence: No, looks like tigronytes don't manage to appear here.
Shininh Armor: Only for now.
Shining Armor enetred the throne hall.
Shining Armor: There are no tigronytes nearby, but the cultists, they can be found quite easily.And the far we go, the more of them we meet.
Celestia: This is bad, they will become tigronytes very soon, i don't understand what Fallenlight offers to them?
Twilight: She doesn't offer anything, she force them to become cultists!
Shining Armor: Unfortunately, it is not that easy, Twilight, some ponies decide to become cultists by their own will.
Twilight: No, i refuse to believe this!Tigronytes are mad, they have powe
:iconcetussantis:CetusSantis 4 5
My Little Pony: Curse and Madness. Episode 13
Hi there, isn't it a time for another episode?Yes it is!
Thirteenth episode:
Princess Celestia's forces came to Crystal Empire.
By other side tigronytes were looking at them.
Bloodhorn: Hmmm....Celestia!Good what you are here, my weapon is thirsty, as i can see you did not take your sweet sister with you, no problem, as soon as i will rip you apart i will come to her by myself!
Celestia: Bloodhorn, release crystal ponies and...
Bloodhorn: Blah!Stop it, we all know how our "conversation" will proceed.
Bloodhorn: Destroy them all!!!
Tigronytes charged to ponies.
Ponies did that aswell.
Ponies started to fight against tigronytes.
Bloodhorn decided not to waste his time on ordinary ponies, so he rushed at princess Celestia, Fallenlight decided the same thing.
Princess Cadence and Shining Armor joined princess Celestia.
Fallenlight created an energy field around Bloodhorn.
Ponies tryed to des
:iconcetussantis:CetusSantis 4 10
My Little Pony: Curse and Madness. Episode 12
I have to text for today, so here it is:
Twelfth episode:
Princess Celestia were siting in her throne hall, but suddenly Cadence and Shining armor ran inside.
Celestia: Cadence, Shining Armor, glad to see you, buuut what happened? You look not so good...
Shining Armor: Princess Celestia, grave news!Bloodhorn with his tigronytes sieged Crystal Empire!
Celestia: What!?
Cadence: We tried to stop them, tried as much as we could, but that was not enough....we had to flee...
Shining Armor: But the worse thing is....huh...not all crystal ponies were evacuated, many left there..and now they are alone against tigronytes.Princess Celestia, we need...
Celestia: I understood, i will gather the forces right now.You have some time to rest, soon we will move out.
Shining Armor: Princess Celestia, can we have a talk with Twilight?
Celestia: I can't prohibit your right to speal with her, she is in Weddin
:iconcetussantis:CetusSantis 2 0
My Little Pony: Curse and Madness. Episode 11
I had nothing to do today, so i decided to upload another episode :)
If you will find any grammar mistakes - feel free to show me them.
Eleventh episode:
Twilight awakened in Wedding castle.
She saw princess Celestia in fron of her.
Celestia: Twilight, you have awoken!I was really worried about you!
Twilight: It's not the first time, when i have to wake up from the serious fight, but i am fi..*Twilight has tried to stand up, but pain has stopped her*...ouch..where are the others?Are they fine?
Celestia: They've been roughed up, especially Applejack and Fluttershy, but I believe they will be okay.Rarity and Spike are taking care about them.
Twilight: That was my fault...Fallenlight turned Discrod into stone..we decided to check the Tree of Harmony, it was ok, after that we were moving back, but we met Fallenlight, Bloodhorn and Everchanging..they were planning something, i wanted to stop
:iconcetussantis:CetusSantis 2 2
My Little Pony: Curse and Madness. Episode 10
And now it's time for another episode.It will be a little brutal, but do not worry, none will :) :) :) :)
Tenth episode:
Mane 6 splited up.
Bloodhorn decided to rush at Pinkie Pie first, but Twilight attacked him with her magic beam.
That beam didn't damaged him at all, but Bloodhorn changed his mind, he started to attack Twilight.
Bloodhorn tried to hit her with his weapon, his hooves and his horn.
It was very hard for Twilight to dodge Bloodhorn's attacks.
Twilight tried to strike back, but Bloodhorn attacked her without any pauses, so the only thing Twilight could is to dodge his attack.
Bloodhorn: Stay still!I am trying to kill you!
That wasn't for too long, soon Bloodhorn succesfully hit Twilight with his front right hoof.
Twilight fell into ground and fainted away.
In that moment Applejack catched Bloodhorn with her lasso.
Applejack: Gotcha!
Bloodhorn: Gotcha?HA!
:iconcetussantis:CetusSantis 2 14
My Little Pony: Curse and Madness. Episode 9
I have an extra day off, so i decided to upload another episode.
Ninth episode:
Fluttershy's home.
Twilight: So Fallenlight just came to you to give you Discord's head?
Fluttershy: Yyyees...
Twilight: She really wants us to become mad, and i have to say, she is doing it good!
Rainbow Dash: I agreee!Yes, Discord is...super nice person, but this, this is totally unacceptable!
Rarity: And still i wonder, how Fallenlight did that?As i remember, Discord ate pages with that spell.
Twilight: Yesterday a small group of cultists appeared near my home, i dealed with them, but when i returned i found that this book (Twilight put the book on the table) wasn't in the same place as before.
Rainbow Dash: It probably moved because of the wind.
Applejack: Or you just moved it by yourself.
Twilight: The thing is it wasn't me or wind.Somepony moved it, and i believe that was Fallenlight.She used those
:iconcetussantis:CetusSantis 3 4
My Little Pony: Curse and Madness. Episode 8
As i sad in episode 7, i will upload episode 8 sooner than i usually do, so here it is!
Eighth episode:
Twilight's home.
Twilight was reading the book.
Spike: Twilight, a new message from princess Celestia!
Twilight: Read it, Spike.
Spike: Khm..
Message: "Dear Twilight, Sin'Kar is a huge threat for Equestria.I will send some ponies to find those artifacts, from time to time i will give you information, about their locations.But in current moment we have to deal with tigronytes first.Twilight, be carefull.
Princess Celestia."
Twilight: I fully agree with princess Celestia. Fallenlight is planning something, no doubts..we have to be prepared.
Near Ponyville.
Fallenlight and 4 cultists appeared through the portal.
Fallenlight: You know why we are here.Take the book and leave.S
:iconcetussantis:CetusSantis 3 2
My Little Pony: Curse and Madness. Episode 7
It's time for 7th episode i guess.This one is short too, that is why i will post 8th sooner than usual.
Seventh episode:
Next morning Twilight and Pony-manager were searching for information about stolen amulet.
Pony-manager: I do not understand, what is so special about that amulet? Why that dragon stole it?
Twilight: I can't understand too...there is almost no information about this..
Twilight: No matter, we will find what is so special with that amulet and we will find that thief, i swear!
Pony-manager: If that thief is dragon, then you should be careful.
Twilight's home.
Twilight: Dragon, hmmm...why he came to Ponyville, why he wanted that amulet that much, Spike, maybe you know him or know something about amulet?
Spike: I don't know Twilight. Most of the time i am here with ponies, no
:iconcetussantis:CetusSantis 3 2
My Little Pony: Curse and Madness. Episode 6
I just feel myself bored, and i think it is time to bring some boring stuff to you too )))
Here it is, the sixth episode.
Sixth episode:
Mane 6 and Spike had a walk.
Twilight: ….well enough about me, what happened in Ponyville while I was in Canterlot?
Applejack: Fortunately, everything was fine. We checked the forest again, but nothing strange was there too.
Rainbow Dash: To be honest, I like that we hadn’t meet anyone, according to your tales those guys are very serious.
Rarity: Yes, all those tigronytes with their abilities can make the fur fly!
Pinkie Pie took the fur and started to throw it to the air.
Pinkie Pie: Like that?
Twilight: That sentence was metaphorical.
Twilight: Hey, look!
There was a signboard in front of them: Tomorrow and the next day here will be an exposition of ancient relics and artifacts.Entrance is free.
Rainbow Dash: A signboard, y
:iconcetussantis:CetusSantis 3 4


A Look in the mirror by Phalene-Swarm A Look in the mirror :iconphalene-swarm:Phalene-Swarm 3 0 Cute Tentacles ! by Phalene-Swarm Cute Tentacles ! :iconphalene-swarm:Phalene-Swarm 4 0 -Practicing- Sailor moon (Full body) by chedx -Practicing- Sailor moon (Full body) :iconchedx:chedx 7 2 Saylor by Xjenn9 Saylor :iconxjenn9:Xjenn9 45 3 Starlight: The Bad and The Bold (MLP EG) by 9987NeonDraws Starlight: The Bad and The Bold (MLP EG) :icon9987neondraws:9987NeonDraws 6 0 Fallenlight by MoonlitAmberBlossom Fallenlight :iconmoonlitamberblossom:MoonlitAmberBlossom 2 1 REQUEST - Bad Starlight by MartinOnly REQUEST - Bad Starlight :iconmartinonly:MartinOnly 3 1 Rotbloom by arcticnight-art Rotbloom :iconarcticnight-art:arcticnight-art 4 0 Bad Starlight by xxtemtation Bad Starlight :iconxxtemtation:xxtemtation 11 1 A Bad Starlight by RosemileMulberry A Bad Starlight :iconrosemilemulberry:RosemileMulberry 49 4
MLP_EQG FanFic: Camp Auburnsdale Chapter1
Chapter 1: Camp Auburnsdale----------------------------------------------------------
It was another bright sunny morning on Camp Auburnsdale when a bus arrived to its grounds. Immediately after the vehicle's arrival, two female figures immediately got off, carrying their backpacks as they went to examine the surrounding wilderness. One of the girls had skin that resonated the lights of a glistening sunset and hair of fiery red with streaks of yellow, she wore a simple short sleeved shirt with a white torso and red sleeves which had a distinctive icon of a sun printed upon the lower left side, also she wore blue dyed shorts and a pair of hard traveling boots. This girl is Sunset Shimmer a senior student from Canterlot high, and accompanying her was her classmate Trixie Lulamoon a girl with silver like hair and calm turquoise skin, she wore a light blue sweater over a white shirt and a skirt speckled with a number of stars. Just like her classmate, Trixie also wore a pair of hard boots
:iconjennobasilicum:JenNoBasilicum 2 0
Request from CetusSantis by AlienPauline483 Request from CetusSantis :iconalienpauline483:AlienPauline483 14 4 Request For CetusSantis: Ever Changing by Citrus-Flamingo Request For CetusSantis: Ever Changing :iconcitrus-flamingo:Citrus-Flamingo 5 1 {RQ} Tess Greymane by Faith-Rebellion11 {RQ} Tess Greymane :iconfaith-rebellion11:Faith-Rebellion11 11 3 Request 01 Starlight by JenNoBasilicum Request 01 Starlight :iconjennobasilicum:JenNoBasilicum 5 1 MLP FiM - Rarity in Larval Stage by Fadri MLP FiM - Rarity in Larval Stage :iconfadri:Fadri 101 79



Hello, i am looking for people who can do animations of my little pony fandom.
I plan to do something like mini-series/mini show.
It can look like in the actual show or not, i would like to know if here are people who can do so, and what prices do they have.

You can give me your contacts here or send me a note.
Hi, i would like to try to work as a scenario writter.
For comics mostly.(but if you plan to do animation that's fine too)
What i can do:
-write the whole series plot(f.e. you plan to do 10 pages comic, you need a plot which will start from page 1 and will end at page 10);
-write separate plots(f.e. you plan to do comic pages constantly with separate plot for each page);
-write scenes and dialogues(f.e. you got character A and character B, you want them to do some action and/or talk about something, i will write who,where and what);
-write characters concepts(f.e. you got a very nice OC protagonist, but you need a villain for him or sidekicks for him).

I can work solo or in team.

I'm the beginner in this, however i got a little experience:

My Little Pony - Curse and Madness : Episode 1 by CandyClumsy

I am the scenario writter for the my little pony comic above.
That means i am doing for this comic all the fatures i mentioned.
Important note: i am not limited to mlp franchice i will gladly work for any other franchise.

Since that's the only real experience i have i don't expect high payments, however i don't expect hard deadlines aswell(ofc i don't want the deadline like 1 year for 1 page xD, but also if i get 1 day to write the scenes for 1000 pages that would be not nice).

If you have any questions it is better to note me, in that case i will reply faster.
Hello guys, recently(well maybe not so recently, more than half of the year passed lol) i started to wrtie mlp fanfic, my writing skills are horrible, but i managed to turn them into the comic.
So now me and other artists draw my story as a collab (each artist do 1 page in their own style). Now we faced a situation when we need more artists to join us.
Here i would like to offer everyone who draw mlp related content to participate in our project.

For current moment two episodes were released, check them out to actually see what i am talking about:

Episode 1.
My Little Pony - Curse and Madness : Episode 1 by CandyClumsy

Episode 2.
MLPCaM: Episode 2 -  Extra Cover by CandyClumsy

If you are interested - leave a comment here or (and) PM me.

Important information:
-our collab is free, that means not only that everyone can join without any payments and stuff, but also that we all do it for free and so i will expect the same from you.In short if you want to get points or cash for you draws then this project is not for you, sorry.
-default language for communication is english.
For those who wonder where are new text episodes of mlp cam:
Well, i found too much crap in already released ones, so since mlp cam is the comic now, i probably will publish new episodes once comic series will get to episode 19.
Everchanging By Mini Feru
Got this awesome pic requested from :iconmini-feru: of my OC - Everchanging.

Upload this here, due to artist's wishes and to help him become more popular.
Check out his arts.
I just found that i want to make another useless journal, so here it is.

Here you can type or ask whatever you wish about my story.

You can say how stupid it is, how much grammar mistakes i do, how awful i describe characters and other things, which you may like.( ͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °)


A second-rate storywriter and third-rate painter.


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Not me.

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