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I know 2016 has been the year of events that will go down in history. so let me distract you for a bit.

Over these past few months, I've been working on and learning how to publish books. Last year was my first and successful Kickstarter of which I'm highly appreciative of that feet. I was able to send out the rewards earlier this year and have gotten great feedback. Next up was me testing the waters with my coloring book Her World is Her Wonder. Its all new ground for me that I hope to improve.

So what's next? As I've hinted at before, I plan to have my next book, first novel of a series out this Friday Nov. 25. I know its black Friday but it is during a shopping weekend and with all those new tablet purchases what better time for a writing debut?

AXIOM: The Parallax

Comment or note to get the advance reader copy
Axiom A Parallax by Cetriya

I"m offering free copies to my followers in hopes of getting reviews. Reviews are what make or sink a book on Amazon. I don't have too many followers that it would be a big issue to fulfill. So if you like fast paced dystopian fiction, futuristic societies and adventure, please request for a read.
And if you have a bit more time, spread the link to the book. It's only 99cents as the first book. Or if you have Kindle Unlimited, you can add it to your monthly reading list.

Book Description

People are disappearing, sometimes one by one, sometimes in groups, until the day when the whole of downtown vanished...

Lano Va is a perfect world, promising long life and easy living. Stravo, a young robotics genius, and his hacker-sister Asara barely remember their parents and they weren't the only ones to have disappeared. No one is talking about it. Nothing on the daily newscasts, the virtual forums, or anywhere.

Thousands of citizens just... gone

As Stravo and Asara use their skills to uncover the mystery, the two will have to accept the truth and deal with the consequences of their actions. They must find the answers to the question what really happened to Earth? Before there’s no one left.

Would you accept happiness at the cost of another’s?

© 2016 - 2021 Cetriya
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Hi~ I think I used to talk to you a while ago, but I remember your art ^_^; Your novel sounds interesting, I'll take a look~
Cetriya's avatar
do you go by a different online name? I do tend to go off and on the internet.
Thanks for taking a look
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This would be super cool to read! I'd love to help out. <3
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I"ll DM you on twitter
neilak20's avatar
Sounds good! Sorry I didnt see this message till now. Thanksgiving had me offline more than on. *super hugs*