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By Cetriya
New tote bag design =)

totes are 14x12in, single side design (repeat pattern design on back), clear plastic casing.

25$ - free shipping to the US. Note me to order
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This, is good. hands down.
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Love the insane detail!! Very nicely executed! :)
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Very very nice, you are quite talented! :D
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You have submitted this piece to :iconmetroconminions:.

We appreciate your contribution, but we are unsure that it has a relation to the actual Metrocon convention.

We will remove this work from our gallery unless you can explain to us the relation.

Thanks in advance.

The Founder,

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The colors are so mesmerizing and mend so well together^^
Excellent work such a unique piece of art:clap:
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Very good job. This looks so nice. I don't know what else to say. Its just so awesome.
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Wow, this is beautiful! If I had the money to get it now, I would.
I'm sorry that I don't have enough to buy it right now, but it is very nice.
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This looks really cool. I love koi fish. :)
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Just one word : LOVELY ...
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Wow, this is such a beautiful design! :D I love the colours, they fit so well together! :love: The flowers are so poofy....and the fishies are so shiny! ;D
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You are quite welcome. :)
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