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looks best on a fully black background.

this was mostly for practice (yeah the composition isnt original) with sai but after painting I adjusted in photoshop. I dont like sai's adjusting but for blending with out readjusting the brushes is cool. Besides its inking tool, photoshop is still better

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This is a really beautiful and interesting artwork. I like how their hair intertwines. Keep up the fantastic work!!=)
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awesome. I really love what you've done with the hair :clap: great colouring and interesting concept :blowkiss: :iconlovehug:
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Oh, I love this! This should go on a mug.:meow:
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Nice concept.

This would look nice as a notebook or folder cover. (Something like that.)
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Amazingly beautiful concept!!

I've never tried Sai :O is it better than Painter you think?
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lets just say, painter makes things to difficult. I've tried the program with here:[link]

but honestly after reading all the bugs and see the works others do (including me) I still think painter is useless. Sai so far is not glictchy, quicker to get used to, cheaper, works well with photoshop. Only thing is that it doesnt have a lot of default brushes like Painter does so for the first few pieces I'm adjusting my brushes.
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I think that piece is lovely!! You did really well despite the fact you didn't like the program ^^

I think painter would be better for people trying to actually paint, rather than illustrating, from what I can see, but it seems like everyone can come up with completely different things using the same program o_O I tried the trial Sai once and didn't like it at all xD The tools looked limited to me. But I really wana try it again now because everyone says how good it is...
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same here I tried it once but guess I didnt care for it much. gave it a 2nd chance seems good for me so far. well in any case if you have PS I do have brushes and tutorials just check my tutorial gallery section
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yar I mainly use PS but I feel limitations in almost every program I've tried. Like with PS right now I'm find it limited in adding a more textured affect. I know I can use some textures or textured brushes, but I'm like, painter already has all those brushes so why do I have to dl/make them xD...go to painter and I'm like, this program is so limited in image editing I feel like I'm using MS paint xD

I looked at your tutorials, you have some nice ones ^^
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making a textured brush isnt to difficult. I guess it depends on what you can do with out
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Can you teach me then? xD
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nice composition, I think you played with the shapes in a strong way. :D
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yeah it was simple thing that I did just to practice coloring. I have a few tumbs I'd like to get to
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The details with the hair are astounding! I love the dynamic shape they present as well. Very creative! :D
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amazing!!! I just love your art!!
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Pretty! ^ ^

What do you mean by composition?
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the whole flipped thing
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This is so nice! I love it! The colors are wonderful, and the background looks nice the way it is (though if you say it looks nicer black, maybe it does...)

I love the glowy thing at the top.
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