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Cool Krita Brushes

By Cestarian
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After spending days practicing various rendering techniques in Krita, I've created a few interesting brushes.

C.Traditional: This brush emulates a traditional paintbrush, it runs out of paint after your stroke reaches X distance and starts to instead blend/smudge colors around.

C.Traditional Wet: Same as Traditional but instead of just smudging, it picks up it's surrounding colors and drags them after you run out of paint.

C.Baselayer: A chaotic brush I made so that I can quickly lay down a base for a painting, I mostly just pick a color then swipe left and right over my canvas with varying levels of pressure until it 's filled everything in order to create a mess like the background of this very image. It has a bit of a texture to it (one of the basic textures provided in krita) giving it a slightly glassy look.

C.Messy: This brush is designed to be hideously ugly, but at the same time useful, it's intended use is to sort of paint-sketch forms onto your canvas, varied levels of pressure cause value shifts (press hard for dark value, press light for light value) I recommend always using a midtone with this brush for the best results and highest degree of control.

C. Sketch: A pretty cool sketch brush that allows for a lot of happy accidents, it's really fun to draw with this brush, it's similar to the brush I used to draw these on a smartphone, didn't even have pressure sensitivity.

The remaining 3 are pretty basic hard round, hard flat and an airbrush tailored to my tastes, but the airbrush has been tweaked heavily so that it can create the smoothest gradients krita can achieve (as far as I know that is), it's intended to be a step up from Krita's default airbrush lineup. All flat brushes have their drawing angle adjusted based on the direction of the start of your stroke, they then lock to that angle until your stroke ends, I feel that this gives a better and faster level of control over their behavior than having the angle follow your rotation based on which direction you're drawing while you're drawing.

I was inspired to create the traditional brushes based on this video  made by :iconsinix: Sinix
And the Baselayer and Messy were inspired mostly by this video by :icondante-cg: Borodante (As well as just that I've seen a lot of artists who like to start out with a messy base which they will use for color picking throughout the early stages of their painting)

I'm particularly proud of my traditional brushes, I never expected that I'd actually be able to make them, they required some creativity to create. I could have made them look more traditional by adding some texture to them, but I like the digital look, a quick and easy way to add the appearance of texture to them is to increase the randomness setting and/or decreasing the density setting. You can also quite easily just add a pre-defined texture of your choosing to use with the brush instead, toy with the brushes if you feel like they could be better by all means!

(Note: To tweak the distance the traditional brushes go before running out of paint, go to the brush's settings and select the color rate setting, inside you can see a variable 'Length' in px, increasing it will make your strokes longer before running out of paint, decreasing it will make your strokes shorter)

I may not be a very good artist, but at least I can make cool brushes :meow: gotta start somewhere.

I hope this will be useful to someone, Enjoy :D

--Installation Instructions--

Download the rar file, extract the Cestarian_2017_brushes.bundle file from the rar file (the bundle contains all brushes, but I also included each individual brush as a separate file if someone wants, that's what the extra files are.), then open krita, go to settings->manage resources->import bundles and select my .bundle file from the menu, and you're done! :D
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New to Krita...looking for nice brushes to try. Thanks a lot for sharing!

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you use krita too! great 
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oh these are really nice! its hard to find new krita brushes
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Glad you like em :D
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I was waiting so long for new brushes to krita, thanks!
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Hope they'll be of some use to you :D 
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