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My Bio
I started trying to draw in February 2014, it's been a very bumpy road, and the end is nowhere in sight.

Guess I'll just have to keep trying.

Favourite Visual Artist
Elsevilla, Shirow Masamune, Boichi, Zeronis
Favourite Movies
Love Exposure, Berserk, Hells (Anime), The Front-Line (Go Ji Jeon)
Favourite TV Shows
Code Geass, Re:Zero, Hellsing Ultimate, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Detroit Metal City... (list goes on!)
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Emilie Autumn, Dir En Grey, Lamb of God, Dillinger Escape Plan, Kaijura Yuki... (Too many to count)
Favourite Books
Sun-Ken Rock, Berserk, Murcielago, The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls...
Favourite Writers
Boichi, Tolkien, Kentaro Miura, Yoshimura Kana
Favourite Games
Wizardry 8, Morrowind, Final Fantasy 7, Dark Souls, EverQuest ... (yeah there's just too many, I'm sorry)
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC Master Race
Tools of the Trade
Arch Linux, Paintstorm Studio, Huion Q11k
Other Interests
Programming, Music, Science & Technology, Building robot armies, World domination, Mind Control, the usual...
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So you want to become a digital artist? Whether you have a good grasp on traditional drawing techniques or are you have zero skill and want to jump straight into digital painting, the purpose of this guide is to de-mystify digital art for you to make it as easy as possible to start. In this guide I do my best to be unbiased, while I do clearly state my opinion of things I dislike, I also do my best to state their best merits and acknowledge the good things about them regardless. (Artwork by ~ra-lilium (https://www.deviantart.com/ra-lilium) also known as white datura) Before we start, let's debunk the myth that drawing digitally is easier than drawing on paper. It is most ce
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Being a self taught artist is unreasonably hard. Or rather, there's a reason why art took so long to develop to it's current state. Painting is an art form approximately 60,000 years old, paint was invented 40,000 years ago as one of mankind's earliest inventions, but even if we just start as short back as 0AD, it took about 1200 years to reach a form we can recognize today, but something that by today's standards would actually not be good art. It took a further 300 years for the still renowned old master painters to pop up, the invention of perspective drawing, and it's wider and wider use, and it took about another 100 years for artists t
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Man, when I started out here I used to have so much to say every day, that's certainly changed. I decided at some point to just stop, potentially forver (writing journals like this that is) because it wasn't doing much for me and there were like 2 or 3 people who liked to read them (~Arrevanthas (https://www.deviantart.com/arrevanthas) is the only one I recall that was a regular). And I'm not about to start again, but sometimes I get hit by big realizations, and this is one of those times. Now it has been what... 4 years, since I joined this site, almost 5, and at the time I joined it had already been  4-5 years already where I had been dealing with this personal issue of just
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Happy birthday !
Hey, happy birthday 🎉!!!😁
It's what an autist profile looks like you ass, I'm special stop laughing at me!