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UPDATE: 1/24/2014! 06:02 P.M. WAISTLISTED PEOPLE CONFIRMED. All spots full.

Hopefully I will finish the commissions within 3 to 4 weeks, and I will open up back in early March.

Underline is new information added.
Bold is for important things to read.
Italicsmy commentary on the matter.


I will not hold spots for people who comment because it's very easy to miss on my messages

-Said note must have the following:

  1. Type of commission: (I need to know if it's going to be a full body or just waist)
  2. Email Address: (I will be sending updates and finished product with this email.)
  3. Type of Payment: (Points or Paypal. If it's paypal I will need to know if the email your paypal is under too.)
  4. How many characters: (self explanatory)
  5. References (if needed): (self explanatory)

After the note, I'll tell you if you have a slot or have been placed on the waiting list.

Basic information

- I accept PayPal and Deviant points.
- Slots are limited. Point slots are REDUCED TO JUST 1.
- There is a waiting list once slots are full.
- First come, first served.
- I am able to do OC's and official canon characters. Whatever you want!
- Updates will be sent to the buyer. I send them over to make sure that you are ok with the idea so far.
- Commissions will be done within the month accepted. It varies, since I finish some commissions two weeks from acceptance, and some a day after accepted)
- Buyer will have the right to do as they wish with the finished product (aka have me post it,  or post it themselves etc.) BUT CREDIT MUST BE GIVEN IF POSTED ON ANOTHER WEBSITE.

Keep in mind

- Look over my recent work and really decide if you want a piece from me. I don't want any customer to be disappointed with the end product.
- I am willing to draw almost anything, but I do have a right to deny a request.
- If I do accept something that might risk my watchers to feel uncomfortable, I will charge more, due to making a second 'Censored' Picture.
I don't want watchers to accidentally see something they didn't want to, so I need to make a nice clean picture. In the artists comments, I will then give a description of what the uncensored picture is and show a link to it. It will be set as mature, so younger kids can't see. At that point, it's whoever's choice to see the picture and it's out of my hands.
I also charge a bit more because I will be drawing things out of my comfort zone. I sometimes accept these, because I can accept that as an artist I need to try some things out. Just to be able to challenge myself.

Point Commission Prices

Keep in mind, with every drawing I make I take my time to make sure it's appealing. If you do not like it, edits will be made.

I make up the poses on the spot (unless commissioner has a specific pose). Also the finished product is the buyer's own. They can do whatever they want with it (just don't resell, or take credit for drawing it). It's their choice to have me submit it on any social website of mine.

I'm sorry if prices seem high, but I work hard and think about details.

Sketches/Linearts: 1200 points or $15

Sketches will be rough, but as detailed as possible. If you wish to add some matte coloring it would be 5 dollars more. If you get this section, you have the option of either a sketch, or a clean line art (I'll post a better example of this later). Here you can also ask for a full shot, or a half shot of the character.

Chibi/Vector/Waist-Up: 1600 points or $20*

These will all be in full color, including shade and lighting. Chibi commissions will be full body.

Full Body/Picture: 2400 points or $30 *

The whole shabammmm.

*If you want a complicated background, it will range between 5-15 depending on how detailed.


-If the character is pretty simple, (Raven, Korra, Asami, etc) price stays as is. IF CHARACTER HAS A LOT OF BELLS AND WHISTLES (Lolita characters with a lot of little details/certain video game characters/complicted armor etc.) Price MIGHT INCREASE BY A COUPLE OF DOLLARS [2-5]

Extra characters:
+1 Sketches/Lineart: 560 points ($7)
+1 Chibi/Waist-Up: 800 points ($10)
+1 Full Body/Picture: 960 points ($12)

The green bullet signifies how many commissions I will take with paypal/creditcard/cash, and the white shows how many point commissions I will accept.
Blue is waiting list.

:bulletgreen: Vampire-Sacrifice [FULL]
:bulletgreen: TheBansheeIncarnate [WAIST +1]
:bulletgreen: AGodofIrony [WAIST +1]
:bulletgreen:  bk00 [WAIST]

:bulletwhite: TheHero-Guy [WAIST+4]

:bulletblue: Alexandrite-Rose [WAIST +1]
:bulletblue: ChrisChaos369 [WAIST +1]
:bulletblue: xX1Cuban1Xx [CHIBI +2]
:bulletblue: dragonfriend7738 [FULL +2]

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Hi! How are you doing? I'm doing fine.
I was wondering when will you be open commissions. Because I would like to make a deal with you. Either with points or with cash